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Mad Men returns: Don Draper v. Roy Draper

Mad Men, the critically-acclaimed AMC series about Madison Avenue advertising men returned last night. Twitter and the blogosphere were abuzz with talk about the show, and for good reason: It’s good. My favorite Mad Men quote from last season: Beatnik: “You’re in advertising… How do you sleep at night?” Don Draper: “On a bed made […]

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Mad Men and AdAge: Where the truth lies

In Can subliminal marketing be responsible? I shared a faux subliminal ad that AMC was using to promote Mad Men, their series about a fictional Madison Avenue ad agency set in 1960. For a number of reasons, I argued that for this show, subliminal advertising would actually be the responsible thing to do, even though […]

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Deceptive or smart? The LA Times’ Southland ad

The LA Times got itself in some hot water last week, not once, but twice, for passing off advertising as news. On Thursday, it ran a mock news article promoting NBC’s Southland on the front page: View PDF version from the Wall Street JournalOn Sunday, the L.A. Times ran a four-page ad for the movie […]

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Apple responds to censorship challenge

Last week, Gawker reported that Apple had censored the cigarette from the Mad Men page on iTunes (see above). For a split second, I thought it was a good thing. I don’t smoke and couldn’t have been happier when Washington State’s Clean Indoor Air Act took effect. But then I realized just how wrong taking […]

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Amid tough times, advertising looks back

It is a sociological fact that when times are tough, people turn to the past—to what they know—for comfort. With protracted wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, a subprime mortgage crisis, the highest gas prices in history, and a looming recession—there’s no question times are tough. So, it should come as no surprise that recent advertising […]

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Can subliminal advertising be responsible?

We’ve all seen examples of subliminal advertising in print ads over the years. I use the word “seen” loosely, because usually you have to look pretty hard to find that suggestive image that’s supposed to burrow itself into your subconscious and get you to buy! buy! buy! Anyway, subliminal advertising on television is a whole […]

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