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“Good deeds invite bad publicity” takes the bridge too far

Is it possible good deeds invite bad publicity? Can CSR efforts actually backfire? A recent working paper published in the Harvard Business Review claims just that, using oil company spills and the subsequent media coverage registering no difference in sentiment as the evidence. In fact, the paper claims companies making strong corporate social responsibility claims […]

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Dig deeper

I just reconnected with an old friend, and he told me he recently hired a new web development firm to redesign their website and help them with their SEO and Facebook marketing. Of course, I had to take a look at their work. So-so design, predictable copy and clunky social integration. Yellow flag #1. 300 […]

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Is advertising eating our brains?

Probably not. But here are some interesting examples of the tricky ways advertisers use psychology to get us to respond to their ads. Source: blog.buysellads.com via Patrick on Pinterest

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You can’t afford a cheap name

Naming a new company, product or service is tough. Companies pay thousands of dollars for new names, and that’s what we charge. So, you might decide you need to save the money and put it elsewhere – into your website, a couple of ads…maybe a brochure. But all those things are temporary. Your company, product or […]

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Lessons in creativity from Mr. Rogers

Clients rely on us to bring our best creative ideas to everything we do. In marketing, it’s essential. Here’s a little inspiration for you, from of all people, Mr. Rogers. When I was a kid, I loved Mr. Rogers. I actually wrote him a letter, and he wrote me back – personally. I love him […]

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Nearly 90% of Chinese Youth want Greener Business

Why consumers in emerging markets are more responsible than Americans

The growth of our Responsible Marketing LinkedIn Group has been intriguing: most new members aren’t coming from America—they are coming from everywhere else. And a disproportionate number are coming from emerging markets. New research from Edelman Public Relations shared in Good Magazine explains why: Older people aren’t as purposeful: The U.S. is aging, and the […]

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Return of the salesperson from hell

  I’m the proud owner of a new Chevy Volt, and I’m thinking of ordering a license plate that says Shocked. You see, I thought I’d buy a Nissan Leaf. After multiple visits to the Leaf website, reading reviews and watching videos of the owner experience, their marketing connected with me. I decided the quirky […]

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An opportunity missed, and at what cost?

I just contacted a company because a coupon code they emailed me didn’t work. As it turns out, it expired in their time zone, not mine, so I missed a discount of about $10 by about 10 minutes. Sure, I could have been an ass about the fact they didn’t state the timezone on their […]

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God is in the details

More evidence that the days of boring church marketing are long gone: Mars Hill Church, based here in the Northwest. We thought we’d peek under the covers of their website to see if we could discover who coded the site, and look at what we found: If you’ve never fiddled with HTML, this won’t mean […]

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Dollar Shave Club viral video

Do we hate Dollar Shave Club’s viral video?

This being the Responsible Marketing Blog, you might think a video with an F-Bomb in it might attract our ire, right? Wrong. Watch this: There are plenty of things we don’t like: Racism. Bigotry. Violence. Corporate greed run amok. Comic sans. But boring marketing is irresponsible, and boring Dollar Shave Club is not. This is f**king brilliant. […]

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Responsible or not? CIT’s college recruiting video

College advertising is usually so, well, meh. Not so with this ad entitled “It’s a Snap” from filmmakers Henry & Aaron, done with full creative license for their alma mater, Western Australia’s Central Institute of Technology. The video has gone viral, leaving some to say it has changed the face of college recruitment advertising. So, […]

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Your name + your picture = LinkedIn ad

I received the following message over the weekend from LinkedIn friend David Quinn that you definitely need to read: I really like LinkedIn, but as a person concerned about privacy and social networks, I believe that I have to point out a change to you. Without attracting too much publicity, LinkedIn has updated their privacy […]

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matthew broderick ferris bueller

It worked with Darth Vader. Why not Ferris Bueller?

Volkswagen’s “The Force” Volkswagen commercial was a huge hit with nearly 50 million views since its Super Bowl release last year. Here it is, in the unlikely event you haven’t seen it: Now, a 10 second trailer featuring Matthew Broderick has the internets abuzz wondering if a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off sequel in the works. With over […]

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Responsible Marketing LinkedIn group is heating up

Did you know there’s a Responsible Marketing Group on LinkedIn? Yep, it currently has an international membership of 866 members, and the conversation has recently heated up recently. Check out a great conversation we’re having about Denny’s Maple Bacon Sundae, and feel free to join us as we discuss where commerce and conscience collide and/or […]

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Social Media Sharing Statistics from AddThis

How, when and where we share on the web

Take a few minutes to review these enlightening statistics from AddThis representing sharing trends over the last five years. A  few highlights: Most active day for sharing: Wednesdays Most active time of day: 9:30 A.M. EST Most users click within the first two minutes 75% of clicks happen within the first day Interestingly, most shares are […]

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12 examples of marketers that have exploited 9/11

Last year, we inducted Courrier International into the Responsible Marketing Hall of Shame for their insensitive exploitation of 9/11. This year, Euronews has listed a dozen more examples in Marketing and the exploitation of 9/11 that are every bit as disturbing.  Here are the images: The exploitation of 9/11 by marketers is disrespectful, irresponsible on every […]

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So tasty: Schweddy Balls Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry’s has announced a new limited edition batch of ice cream, “Schweddy Balls.” For the uninitiated, here’s the SNL skit it’s based upon: It’s funny. Really, really funny. Surely some people will be offended, right? Of course. Some people will are offended when you say “darn,” too. I’d argue “Schweddy Balls” is responsible. […]

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Lumpy mail. Love it or hate it?

You’ve received them before—an unsolicited package that has something in that you just have to open. Because of it’s lumpy nature, this form of direct marketing is called “lumpy mail.” Sometimes there’s something interesting but usually it’s just trash and trinkets. Still, it grabbed your attention and you opened the package, right? Response rates for […]

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Another recycling award for Outsource Marketing

We’re proud to receive recognition as a King County’s Best Workplace for Recycling and Waste Reduction once again this year. We are honored to join five other Issaquah businesses that were recognized for their sustainable efforts including  The City of Issaquah, The Issaquah School District, Timber Ridge at Talus, Rowley Properties, and Pogacha. This marks the fifth […]

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KFC’s shameful attempt at Responsible Marketing

A Utah KFC’s recent attempt at Responsible Marketing via this hair-brained cause marketing campaign has left us speechless: That’s right, buy a jug of high fructose corn syrup-powered soda pop—one of the primary causes of diabetes and childhood obesity—and we’ll donate a dollar to juvenile diabetes research. Our take: absolutely shameful and completely irresponsible. What’s […]

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