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Find the Easter Egg first and get FREE Mariners tickets

Here’s a challenge for you: The first person that finds the Easter Egg on OutsourceMarketing.com gets two FREE tickets to see the Seattle Mariners in our awesome box seats at Safeco Field on Wednesday, April 14th at 7:10. We’ll announce the winner on Monday, April 5th. Thanks everyone, and Happy Easter! Oh, and even if […]

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Publishing is dead. Long live publishing.

Here’s a nifty little video regarding the state of the publishing industry. Hang tight—there’s a twist about half way through. View on YouTube I know. This execution has been done before, but it’s still pretty clever and the message is the right one. There’s been plenty of talk about the eminent death of the publishing […]

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Apple puts social responsibility up front

Anyone interested in the Apple iPad has no doubt been to the Apple homepage lately and discovered this nice surprise bottom-center: That’s right. At a time when Apple could be cross-selling any number of their new offerings, they are using one of the four sandboxes on their homepage to share their supplier responsibility practices. You […]

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Is it time to rethink your mission statement?

We’ve reviewed a lot of Mission Statements over the years—it’s one of the ingredients we consider when we’re developing a Positioning Statement. Most Mission Statements I’ve seen have been filled with big words but left me asking “where’s the mission?” Dan Heath, co-author of Made to Stick, offers up why bad Mission Statements happen to […]

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Coke vs. Pepsi

The Pepsi vs. Coke social good smackdown

When Coke and Pepsi start being judged by their social responsibility as much as their taste (and their ads), you’ll know Responsible Marketing has arrived, right? Well, that time has come. The Huffington Post recently ran an online poll pitting Pepsi’s Refresh Project Vs. Coke’s Live Positively campaigns. The associated article does a great job […]

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Facebook suggestions: White House - Barack Obama

On Facebook, racial profiling and the mob

If you’re on Facebook (and who isn’t) you’ve probably noticed the “Suggestions” section on the right side of your feed. Basically, the wizards behind the curtain have developed a way to recommend fan pages based on similar characteristics. A few examples will make how it works pretty obvious: Looks pretty good, eh? Well, here’s a […]

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Interns Wanted: Dead or Alive

This is a real picture of a former Outsource Marketing intern. No, he’s not dead. He’s drunk. Okay, we’d prefer our interns alive—and sober. Besides, dead interns would be irresponsible, wouldn’t get much done and would start to smell after awhile. Come to think of it, same goes for drunk interns. Seriously though, if you […]

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Don’t cut corners on creativity

I’ve said it a million times: It takes creativity to break through the clutter. Here’s an ad that does just that: View on YouTube 2009 was rough year, and a lot of companies have dramatically cut their marketing budgets. A lot of brand advertising budget has been moved to sales promotion. You gotta do what […]

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Marketing puffery never pays

Seems we’ve been up to our eyeballs in positioning and message strategy work at Outsource Marketing lately. Of course, positioning should be the cornerstone of all your marketing communications—without meaningful differentiation, you’ve got nothin’, after all. But your positioning has to be more than simply unique and matter to your prospects. It has to be […]

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Should excessively noisy ads be banned?

One of the Seven Keys to Responsible Marketing is being message responsible. That means marketers should respect all their audiences by seeking permission, telling the truth, honoring privacy and avoiding clutter. Yelling at consumers isn’t very respectful, and the U.S. House of Representatives has recently approved a bill which aims to limit the volume of […]

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The Ringtone from Hell

View on YouTube “The Ringtone from Hell” is video six in our series of seven Responsible Marketing web shorts, but you could argue it has nothing to do with Responsible Marketing at all. Truth is, a few of our shorts are about character development and having fun with the angel and devil characters as they […]

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Channel strategy: What you need to know now

By Herman Kwik, Ph.D. When I work with entrepreneurs or inventors who are excited about their new products and eager to get busy “marketing,” I often have to urge caution – for two reasons: Because when they say “marketing” they really mean “selling,” and that’s a different operation altogether. Because entrepreneurs don’t always consider the […]

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The 7 Keys to Responsible Marketing in 2 Minutes

Want to know what Responsible Marketing is about but don’t have the time to read our white paper on the topic? Well, here’s “The 7 Keys to Responsible Marketing in 2 Minutes,” featuring the characters you’ve grown to love (or hate) in our Responsible Marketing web shorts. View on YouTube There ya go—with a video […]

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Climate hype? Where there’s hype, there’s $

For Blog Action Day, I started crafting a post regarding the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen in December, but then I realized, hey, this blog is supposed to be about Responsible Marketing! Here’s an interesting Google Earth tour on the topic. Right after I’ll get to my real post. View on YouTube Okay, so I’ve […]

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We’re going to need to talk about your TPS reports

By Martin Pierce Ah, ah, I almost forgot…I’m also going to need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday, too. Mmmmmkay? Thaaaaaanks! We here at Outsource Marketing like to think that our office culture doesn’t resemble that of our good friend Bill Lumbergh’s Initech. But we do relate. Don’t know who Bill Lumbergh […]

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Responsible or not? Audi’s “Do Your Part”

It ain’t so easy being green. Unless, of course, you buy a clean diesel from Audi. That’s the message of this Audi A3 “Do Your Part” advert: I get the idea: Show you can be environmentally responsible without having to put yourself out. You can have it all. Here’s one point of view from @motorad666 […]

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Is your “Green Czar” an angel or a devil?

In 2006, we decided we needed get serious about greening Outsource Marketing after years of agreement about having an environmentally responsible workplace but no real plan to make it happen. Since then, we’ve been recognized for our efforts and have even won a few workplace recycling awards. The two secrets to our success: Everyone at […]

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Sex Sells: Just Ask Him.

In advertising, it’s the gospel truth: Sex sells. You’ve heard it a million times. So many times it’s gotta be true, right? Hell, even the Devil himself says it’s true in our second of seven Responsible Marketing web shorts, here: View on YouTube in HD Why not believe it? You just heard it from the […]

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Facebook’s ad feedback function fail

You know the ads on the right hand column of your Facebook feeds page? Here’s a view I’ve received a lot lately: Yeah. I know. You’ve seen these ads enough already. Not sure why I’d receive ’em…I’m not a gamer and there’s nothing in my profile that would lead you to believe I’d be interested […]

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Recycling: A Love Story

He’s a muscle-bound, rough and tough lover of all things manly. She’s a petite girly girl that loves a nice glass of Chianti and long walks on the beach under the moonlight. Learn how they meet, and what happens if you don’t recycle. View on YouTube in HD We dare you to litter in our […]

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