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Solar powered bus shelters turn outdoor ads green

In an innovative public-private partnership, Fuel Outdoor has donated 600 Solar powered bus shelters to the City of Miami. It’s “a revolutionary model at work—corporate advertising dollars are being used to clean the environment,” says Miami Mayor, Manny Diaz. Michael Freedman, CEO of Fuel, describes their unique business approach: We have a triple bottom line […]

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Bite-sized Friday: Ads, an award and one bad video

Who needs a movie? If you have a website, video content can dramatically improve your conversions. Here are a few testimonial videos that we’ve produced for Gene Juarez Academy. The following video is a self-promo for a small video production company, and it’s so bad, it’s downright entertaining. In fact, it’s been viewed more than […]

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Responsible or not? Advertising that distracts

As a marketer, I get frustrated when I see poor targeting, flat creative, lack of personalization, and any number of things one might find wrong when armchair quarterbacking someone else’s work. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve caught myself saying, “If only they could have…” But I also get frustrated as a […]

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Where have you seen advertising today?

My partners and I have been preaching and teaching about the effects of information overload for over a decade now. In speaking engagements, workshops and classes that I’ve instructed, I’ve often asked “Where have you seen advertising today? Here are a few places that have been mentioned: • Direct mail • TV • Radio • […]

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Can CREDO mobile make each call a call for change?

Today is Thanksgiving. After using a forklift to bring the Seattle Times in, I was surprised to see a sticker saying “Make each call a call for change” from Credo Mobile. My first thought, cool, kind of like Working Assets, but for mobile phones. Well, I was almost right. As it turns out, Credo is […]

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