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SHIPOOPI! When bad ain’t so bad.

“Remember to honk when you drive by Vern Fonk.” If you live in Washington or Oregon you probably never thought you’d see that phrase here. Because while Vern Fonk offers commercial insurance, it’s known for its bargain basement advertising targeting tough-to-insure drivers—mostly on cable, often at night. Their brand is low budget in all ways. […]

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Responsible Super Bowl ads? You decide.

  The Super Bowl frenzy is over, but the analysis of the Super Bowl advertising has just begun. Millions are already viewing and voting on their favorites at YouTube Adblitz and MySpace. I’m interested in something a little different. I’ve taken the liberty to list just over twenty of the ads that are currently receiving […]

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Super Bowl mania and the Lucy effect

Today is media day in Phoenix as a press contingent of 4,786 was on hand to ask the players everything from the intelligent (“how will you defend Randy Moss?”) to the inane (“what will you have for breakfast?”). It’s all news and apparently just about all of it is fit to print. The Super Bowl […]

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Super Bowl Advertising warm-up

Believe it or not, I used to actually require students in my Integrated Marketing Communications class the University of Washington to watch the Super Bowl…for the ads. In the coming weeks I’ll be touching on television advertising a little more than usual, and on February 3rd, I’ll conduct an anonymous poll listing all the main […]

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Entertaining, but effective?

Ready for a little break from the barrage of holiday advertising? I am, and I like advertising. I was hoping I’d find a few holiday-themed ads to share, but then I realized, the most entertaining and memorable ad I’ve seen this season wasn’t a holiday ad at all. It was a Jack-in-the-Box ad, and I […]

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