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Dozens of comments lost for 7/21 – 7/24

Due to an irrecoverable server crash, The Responsible Marketing Blog lost all posts and comments for the last four days. It’s taken some work, but I’ve been able to restore the posts but not the comments. Unfortunately, if you commented any of the following, your thoughtful remarks have been lost: Little changes have big effects […]

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Responsible Marketing on

Alltop is the excellent blog aggregation site that offers “aggregation without aggravation” because it lists just the best of the best blogs. I was honored to be included in the marketing.alltop category in May and gave you Responsible Marketers the opportunity to weigh in on which badge I should use. So, imagine my surprise when […]

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PodCamp Seattle: Follow it on Twitter, Twemes

Hard to believe PodCamp Seattle is tomorrow. I hope you are coming. If you can’t make it, I’ll be tweeting live except when I’m doing my 1:30 presentation, “Using Social Media to Create Social Good.” You can follow me by clicking here: __________________________________You can view the most recent 10 tweets in the meme here: […]

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4 ways to help me evangelize Responsible Marketing

It’s 7:00 a.m. and in about an hour and a half, I’m going to impart a little marketing wisdom at the Northwest Career Colleges Federation Annual Convention in Vancouver. I’m doing a general session topic entitled . . . drumroll please . . . Responsible Marketing Where Commerce and Conscience Come TogetherImagine that. Want to […]

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Are you amped for PodCamp? Join me in Seattle on June 21st

Responsible marketers know that social media is changing the business landscape and has become an integral part of the marketing mix. If you don’t know social media because you just haven’t had the time to figure it out, now you can get a good primer in less than one day—for free. PodCamp is coming to […]

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The Responsible Marketing Blog now on Alltop: Which badge do you prefer?

Alltop is a blog aggregation site founded by Guy Kawasaki that features ever-growing lists of the top blogs in over 70 broad categories including Social Media, Personal Finance, Macintosh and much more. Yesterday, Alltop added The Responsible Marketing Blog to It’s a prestigious list, and I’m humbled to be included. Now I need to […]

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Save a tree. Share the love.

Have you noticed the Eco-Safe widget in the share section on the right? It looks just like this: It’s one of the niftiest and most useful widgets I’ve come across lately. Instead of printing something, you can email it to yourself, saving a tree. And if you want to share the Responsible Marketing love with […]

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The Seven Keys to Responsible Marketing

Each month, we share marketing articles, links and information with the Friends of Outsource Marketing. This month, we added “podcast” to that list. My partner Bill Boyd has done quite a few podcasts for clients, and decided it was time to do one for us. Click play below to listen: [audio:] Can you help me […]

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Suggest a Responsible Marketing topic or idea

When I started this blog, I had two goals: 1. Help build conversation regarding Responsible Marketing 2. Create a tool that would help me collect my thoughts as I write a book on the topic So far, so good. I’ve learned that some of my best posts are the results of tips from regular readers […]

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Get Responsible Marketing Blog updates via email

Happy Saturday. Some people love to keep up with their news with an RSS reader. Others like to get it via email. If you are the latter, you might not have known you can receive The Responsible Marketing Blog updates sent to you daily. I’ve avoided adding an email subscription box for aesthetic reasons, and […]

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Warning: Nasty phishing scam targets business leaders

What would you do if you received this? Normally, I would have hit the delete key. After all, you don’t get subpoenaed by email. Then I looked a little closer. It had my name, phone number and the correct email address. Hmm. I moused over the links without clicking and most, but not all seemed […]

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Hate American Idol? Watch it Wednesday night anyway

Do you hate American Idol? Me too. I used to hate American Idol for three reasons: 1. Simon is a mean-spirited S.O.B. and I cringed whenever he skewered the hapless no-talent contestants 2. Everything about it wss cheesy: the graphics, the music, the setup . . . you name it 3. It was all about […]

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Responsible Marketing on the radio today

Today, Wednesday, March 12th at 2:00 p.m. PST, I’ll be talking about Responsible Marketing with Scott Andrews, host of the weekly ARRiiVE Radio Show. Marketers have never had it harder. Prospects are cynical, the surplus of information is working against them on a number of levels, and marketing as a discipline is generally broken. Responsible […]

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