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Can Responsible Marketing help fix BP?

The live streaming video of the oil spill turns my stomach, so I’ve been struggling with this question for weeks: “Can Responsible Marketing help restore BP?” My gut says “never!” but my brain says “maybe.” The fact is, trust requires both competence and character—two things BP lacks. I know it’s early to ask, but if BP […]

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The Southwest Airlines Bikini Controversy

Remember a few years ago when a woman was thrown off of a Southwest Airlines plane because her outfit was too revealing? Imagine her surprise when Southwest launched the “SI One,” to promote Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition last month. The airline expected controversy, but probably didn’t expect how polarizing the image would be. A few […]

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Motrin feels the pain of a social media mommy mob

You might have heard about the recent uproar over a new Motrin ad targeting mothers. If you have already formed an opinion on the topic, skip the video below. Otherwise, take a look, and try to be as objective as possible. View this video on YouTube The response Paul Banas estimated that in 48 hours […]

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Rachael Ray linked to terror? You be the judge

Can you guess why Dunkin’ Donuts pulled the above ad featuring Rachel Ray? First, you have to ask the question, when is a scarf not a scarf? According to conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, it’s when it’s a keffiyeh, a style of dress “popularized by Yasser Arafat and a regular adornment of Muslim terrorists appearing in […]

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