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Kissing a frog to help the environment

Earlier this summer, Outsource Marketing participated in The Olympus Press Print Green Summit, an annual event attended by over 250 people from 150 companies to focus on ways to, well, print greener. Olympus sponsored an interesting origami-making contest. To enter, contestants created an origami character with special FSC certified paper, took a picture of it […]

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AMEX does good with the ’08 Members Project

Have you heard about the Members Project from American Express? It’s a social good promotion built to encourage people to “come together to achieve something amazing.” Card members are invited to submit ideas for projects in the areas of arts and culture, community development, education, environment and wildlife, and health. Anyone, including non-cardmembers, can discuss, […]

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Big ideas, tiny budgets

Breakthrough creative agitates. It makes people uneasy, or angry. It might make you laugh or cry. And it always makes people feel—or think. Or both. But breakthrough creative doesn’t happen often enough. The excuse I’ve heard most often is “We don’t have the budget.” Well, some of the best marketing you’ll find doesn’t necessarily come […]

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Using social media to create social good

By popular demand, here’s my deck from PodCamp Seattle: As you probably noticed, I’m not a big fan of slides full of bullets—it’s mostly images. View all the websites mentioned in the deck, as well as all the sites recommended by Twitter friends here: I’ve also bookmarked all of the Twitter contributors in case […]

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(RED) under fire: Group says buy less; show us the books

By now, you may have seen or possibly even purchased a (RED) product. If you haven’t, here’s a little background from the Product (RED) website: (RED) was created by Bono and Bobby Shriver, Chairman of DATA to raise awareness and money for The Global Fund by teaming up with the world’s most iconic brands to […]

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A long walk for a short, dirty drink

If your tap went dry at home, what would you do? If you were forced to walk to the nearest source of water—a river, a stream, a pond—on foot, how far would you have to travel? And how would it make you feel—deep down—if you had to give your children dirty water to drink after […]

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Pampers math: 1 pack = 1 vaccine

Last year, Pampers teamed with Unicef to provide tetanus shots for mothers and children in developing countries. Their campaign was set to last three months, but I saw the above ad last night, so it appears they’ve extended the program. Everyone wins: The vaccination recipients–for obvious reason, P&G–because of the goodwill it generates, and the […]

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Hate American Idol? Watch it Wednesday night anyway

Do you hate American Idol? Me too. I used to hate American Idol for three reasons: 1. Simon is a mean-spirited S.O.B. and I cringed whenever he skewered the hapless no-talent contestants 2. Everything about it wss cheesy: the graphics, the music, the setup . . . you name it 3. It was all about […]

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Tide offers “Loads of Hope” for natural disaster victims

Do you have an affinity to your laundry detergent? You might after you read this. After Hurricane Katrina and the recent California wildfires, Tide dispatched their CleanStart trucks to the scene to help. These mobile laundry facilities provided the families of these disasters with free laundry services when they needed it most. The CleanStart trucks […]

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