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Responsible gifting: How gift cards are green

Ever get something you didn’t want for the Holidays? Yeah, me too. Have you returned every gift you didn’t like? Yeah, me neither. Unwanted gifts take space in your life and are eventually given to charity or end up in the landfill.  Add the wasted box, wrapping paper, ribbon and shipping and it’s clear why […]

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The 10 Commandments of SEO

Search engine optimization is extremely simple but the waters are constantly muddied by misinformation spread by wannabe experts and noobs who want to garner authority and respect. By sticking to these simple principles you will have one foot up on 99% of all people who attempt to do SEO. Thou Shalt Not Automate or Spam […]

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Lumpy mail. Love it or hate it?

You’ve received them before—an unsolicited package that has something in that you just have to open. Because of it’s lumpy nature, this form of direct marketing is called “lumpy mail.” Sometimes there’s something interesting but usually it’s just trash and trinkets. Still, it grabbed your attention and you opened the package, right? Response rates for […]

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