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“Season’s Greenings” from the Port of Seattle

Today we received the above postcard from the Port of Seattle. Inside it reads “Please recycle peace, love, and joy.” Nicely done, Port, especially when you stack it up against the holiday message I received from Waste Management. I thought to myself, “self, this looks like something worth sharing.” Then I got an email from […]

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Art from junk mail

  Lemonade from lemons? How about art from junk mail? Sandy Schimmel of Schimmel Art of Phoenix, Arizona is using recycled advertising ephemera, junk mail and greeting cards to create some visually stunning art. Check out her collection.

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Why won’t Starbucks do something like this?

Go into any Starbucks and you can pick up one of their brochures sharing their corporate social responsibility. They are really putting some energy into their communications in this area, and I applaud them for it. Tully’s is a Seattle-based company that has followed Starbucks, literally, into many of Seattle’s neighborhoods. Their strategy: open a […]

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Preview the Responsible Marketing book

Why is marketing ROI is an oxymoron for most companies? “Spend more, get less” just doesn’t pencil. There is a pathway to marketing that delivers results, but it might not be the path you’d expect. Here’s a link to a white paper-length preview of my upcoming book entitled, you guessed it, Responsible Marketing. In it, […]

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