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IMC: It’s not what you think it is

Next time you are talking to someone that “knows” marketing, ask them what IMC is. If they know the acronym stands for “Integrated Marketing Communications,” they get a star. If they tell you, “IMC is when all your marketing communications are working together—your printed materials, your website, your advertising, direct marketing, new media and your […]

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How Responsible Marketing builds trust

Some people think trust is gained through integrity only. Not so, says Steven M.R. Covey in The Speed of Trust. Trust is equal parts character and competence. Here’s how character and competence are directly related to Responsible Marketing: It takes more than just doing marketing right. For long-term success, you really have to do the […]

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If World Vision can do it, you can too

In Big ideas, tiny budgets, I shared some of the good work World Vision is doing using viral video to draw attention to their initiatives in the US and Australia. Now, World Vision is back with a new video that builds upon their teenage affluenza theme: \ Watch this video on YouTube. Here’s the description: […]

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Does marketing need a heart?

There are seven keys to Responsible Marketing. Most would agree the first four keys are necessary just to do marketing right: Strategically responsible – to save time, money and improve focus Execution responsible – with best practices instead of best efforts Casting responsible – so your have the right people in the right roles, internally […]

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Big ideas, tiny budgets

Breakthrough creative agitates. It makes people uneasy, or angry. It might make you laugh or cry. And it always makes people feel—or think. Or both. But breakthrough creative doesn’t happen often enough. The excuse I’ve heard most often is “We don’t have the budget.” Well, some of the best marketing you’ll find doesn’t necessarily come […]

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Where the hell is the marketing?

A movie filmed in 14 months, across 42 countries with a cast of thousands. No, it’s not the second coming of Cecil B. DeMille. It’s one of the best examples of a viral video you’ll see: in 17 days, this video have been viewed nearly 4.6 million times. As crazy as it may sound, “Where […]

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Copywriting advice from “The Godfather of Gore”

#2 on my list of 10 ideas to simplify your marketing is “Don’t use big words when small words will do.” In the three minute video below, direct marketing copywriting guru Herschell Gordon Lewis attacks an undecipherable email, then shares how Mary Had a Little Lamb would have turned out had the email author written […]

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I’ve got some Cheetos. Let’s go vandalize something!

Are you ready to join the Orange Underground? You know, a place where you can cause a little mischief (RAoC – Random Acts of Cheetos) then upload your videos to YouTube and become rich (in Cheetos) and famous (on Comedy Central)? Here are a few of the professionally produced ads from the Orange Underground campaign: […]

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Everything I know I learned from a marketing intern

Let’s face it, interns get a bum wrap. They work hard, do some heavy lifting and receive little in return. They know they are paying their dues and dutifully do whatever you hand them. Since they are an intern, after all, some people might view them as lightweights, only capable of handling menial tasks and […]

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Beware of “no brainer” marketing tactics

We all know it now: Digital marketing kicks butt. Organizations big and small should be investing in paid search, SEO and email marketing. In some categories the ROI makes putting most (if not all) of your marketing budget into digital marketing a no-brainer. Or is it? Care to guess how many people have never sent […]

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The Republican Party’s depressing new slogan

It doesn’t matter whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian or Green Party member—this is rich. The House Republicanshave a new fall agenda and a new slogan: The Change You Deserve Their thinking: This agenda is a reflection of House Republicans’ commitment to providing American families with the change they deserve: common-sense solutions to the […]

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10 ideas to simplify your marketing

1. Communicate fewer ideas. Google’s initial success was due to the fact that they eliminated nearly everything from the search page. Remember what search engines looked like before Google? So often, less is more. Two ideas are better than three. But one idea is best. 2. Don’t use big words when small words will do. […]

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Viral video: A little mystery goes a long way

In the last week, the above video has been viewed 444,117 times on YouTube. Question is, what is it? I did some sleuthing for you. If you go to the video’s YouTube page, you would find a link that takes you to a splash page: Click on the splash page and you’ll find another page […]

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The Seven Keys to Responsible Marketing

Each month, we share marketing articles, links and information with the Friends of Outsource Marketing. This month, we added “podcast” to that list. My partner Bill Boyd has done quite a few podcasts for clients, and decided it was time to do one for us. Click play below to listen: [audio:] Can you help me […]

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Congrats on 25 years of usability leadership, Jakob Nielsen

Having a website that’s difficult to use is downright irresponsible. The first time I ever gave it a thought, I did a Yahoo! search (Google didn’t exist) and happened upon by Jakob Nielsen. It really opened my eyes to web usability, and since 1995, I’ve read just about everything Nielsen has published on the […]

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Before you open a retail business, read this

I was hungry by about 11:30 yesterday morning so I set out to find something quick and relatively fresh. As I pulled into the parking lot of my local psuedo-strip mall, the first place I noticed was Qdoba. I was on autopilot and didn’t give it a second thought. Qdoba is not as good as […]

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The Patto Approach: The cure for paralysis by analysis

A few years ago, Outsource Marketing fell into a little rut. We suffered from classic paralysis by analysis as we fussed over everything from positioning to ad copy to font treatment to the air around the logo. We bickered over the types of research we were doing and if we included all the questions we […]

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Your agency is not your brand

Does your website have a link on the bottom giving credit to the web developer? Do your email blasts include a big logo with a link taking your readers to your email marketing company’s promotional page? Why? You’ve paid good money to have your website designed, then your web developer uses it to promote their […]

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Time to get off Information Island

You’re a marketer, which means you’ve got information, lots of information: You are managing data and communications in customer, prospect, channel partner and newsletter lists, social networking contacts, financial data, and plenty more from partners and vendors. For many business people, all this data is living on what my partner, Eric Anderson, calls Information Islands. […]

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