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Shifting from reactive to proactive customer service that sells

Recently, Software Advice hosted an online debate called: “Is Customer Service the New Marketing?” The discussion highlighted customers’ increasing disillusionment with traditional advertising; and as a result, the importance of customer service as a market differentiator. The average consumer is bombarded with thousands of commercial messages per day. That’s a lot of clutter to cut […]

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Taglines to live by: Can you guess who is who?

Here’s a pop quiz my partner Dan Murphy gave our team at yesterday’s weekly Huddle. | View | Upload your own How did you do? Us either. Here are Dan’s thoughts on the test, and why we all did so poorly: What I found intriguing was that so many of these Fortune 500 companies—presumably with […]

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Pump up the volume to improve marketing? Maybe not.

Gilmore Group I’ve spoken about the effects of information overload for over a decade, and have written a post or two on the subject as well. Because info glut makes it so difficult to break through, as marketers we’ll try just about anything: We’ll make our ads bigger. While big ads are usually better than […]

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The Seven Keys to Responsible Marketing

Each month, we share marketing articles, links and information with the Friends of Outsource Marketing. This month, we added “podcast” to that list. My partner Bill Boyd has done quite a few podcasts for clients, and decided it was time to do one for us. Click play below to listen: [audio:] Can you help me […]

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I bet you’ll fail this test

Before you read ahead, play the video below and take the test. You won’t need paper or pencil, just your full concentration. It will take you one minute. This awareness test is powerful in so many ways. It’s short and simple: One video. One minute long. 30 words. No fancy graphics. Just a single powerful […]

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Responsible or not? Advertising that distracts

As a marketer, I get frustrated when I see poor targeting, flat creative, lack of personalization, and any number of things one might find wrong when armchair quarterbacking someone else’s work. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve caught myself saying, “If only they could have…” But I also get frustrated as a […]

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Where have you seen advertising today?

My partners and I have been preaching and teaching about the effects of information overload for over a decade now. In speaking engagements, workshops and classes that I’ve instructed, I’ve often asked “Where have you seen advertising today? Here are a few places that have been mentioned: • Direct mail • TV • Radio • […]

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Preview the Responsible Marketing book

Why is marketing ROI is an oxymoron for most companies? “Spend more, get less” just doesn’t pencil. There is a pathway to marketing that delivers results, but it might not be the path you’d expect. Here’s a link to a white paper-length preview of my upcoming book entitled, you guessed it, Responsible Marketing. In it, […]

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