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Sexy Halloween costumes for kids: A scary reality

‘Tis the season again for hot cider, pumpkin patches, rainy soccer games, and sexy kid’s Halloween costumes. Say what? Yes, you know what we’re  talking about. Take a quick stroll through any costume store or gaze online, and you’ll be besieged with images of girls looking 20 years older than they are. Disturbing. Our own […]

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Responsible Advertising — Even When it Hurts

Headquartered in Madrid, the ANAR Foundation believes that all children should have a voice, especially when their rights are violated. Take a look at this video from an impressive street ad campaign by the ANAR Foundation: It’s thought provoking. It’s empathetic. It’s reassuring. The goal of this advertisement is clear – to help children realize […]

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Hey kids! Buy this! Can marketing to kids be responsible?

Everyone knows soft drinks are bad for your health and teeth, but the biggest soda companies have continued their advertising onslaught, with much of their marketing directed at kids. As a marketer and a mom, Andrea Moretsky has a unique take on soft drink marketing, and she shared it on Parent Map in Marketing Soda […]

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Hey Abercrombie, take your apology and suck it.

Oh, Abercrombie. You continue to steal the headlines with your chiseled shirtless teenagers gracing the cover of your shopping bags, scandalous advertisements, and beautiful hand-selected employees. And thanks to Business Insider for bringing CEO Mike Jefferies’ 2006 comments back to life, Abercrombie is once again in our headlines. In case you missed it, in 2006 Jeffries made […]

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Marketing lingerie to tweens: Responsible or not?

Au Revoir Fruit of the Loom. Your plain cotton briefs and boring training bras are of the past. Welcome to a new generation of tween and teen undergarments. Sorry, faux pas. I meant to say, lingerie. Yes, lingerie geared towards teens and tweens is on your store shelves. It’s a $1.5 billion a year and […]

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Solving the Problem of Childhood Obesity Within a Generation - White House

Can Responsible Marketing help fight childhood obesity?

From the The Wall Street Journal: The White House is calling on food makers to curb marketing of unhealthy foods to children, part of a broad assault against childhood obesity. The recommendation is part of a 120-page report released Tuesday that outlines steps to fight the national epidemic. One in every three children ages 2-19 […]

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Responsible or not? Doritos marketing to kids

Doritos provided the following word search bookmark in school cafeterias: At the top, it says “Find the seven words hidden below that can lead you to a healthy day.” There are actually eight words, the first word on the list is “Doritos.” Three questions: Is Doritos telling kids that their product is part of a […]

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Responsible or not? Club Libby Lu

My daughter turned four in August, but she’s already becoming aware of fashion and brands. She’s visited Club Libby Lu once or twice for lip gloss (more like lip balm). While there, she’s seen the five and six year old girls at princess parties, getting makeovers and their hair done. For the uninitiated, Club Libby […]

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Responsible or not? Marketing to tweens and teens

Katja White, an eight-year-old cheerleader with her arms full of free products she received from marketers at a national cheerleading competition at the Anaheim Convention Center last month. Want to reach a customer that communicates at hyper speed about your product? Want a loyal customer for life? Target cheerleaders, football players and other popular teens […]

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Embracing responsibility: It’s gr-r-r-reat! Or is it?

Here’s four minutes of junk food advertising aimed at children: Given the above, when cereal maker Kellogg’s proclaims, “We want to be a responsible marketer,” what does that mean? Is their newfound philosophy responsible or reactionary? In Embracing responsibility: It’s gr-r-r-reat! Or is it? my partner, Dan Murphy tackles that question and more. Here’s a […]

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