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Responsible or not? Ringling Brothers Circus

I was surprised how excited I was to take my kids to “The Greatest Show on Earth,” on Saturday. The last time I’d been to The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus was at least 30 years ago, and I knew my four and five year old kids would be captivated by the show. […]

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How Responsible Marketing builds trust

Some people think trust is gained through integrity only. Not so, says Steven M.R. Covey in The Speed of Trust. Trust is equal parts character and competence. Here’s how character and competence are directly related to Responsible Marketing: It takes more than just doing marketing right. For long-term success, you really have to do the […]

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Apple responds to censorship challenge

Last week, Gawker reported that Apple had censored the cigarette from the Mad Men page on iTunes (see above). For a split second, I thought it was a good thing. I don’t smoke and couldn’t have been happier when Washington State’s Clean Indoor Air Act took effect. But then I realized just how wrong taking […]

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Does marketing need a heart?

There are seven keys to Responsible Marketing. Most would agree the first four keys are necessary just to do marketing right: Strategically responsible – to save time, money and improve focus Execution responsible – with best practices instead of best efforts Casting responsible – so your have the right people in the right roles, internally […]

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Love it or hate it: Jawbone viral video campaign

Surely you are familiar with Jawbone, the makers of the excellent noise-canceling Bluetooth headsets for mobile phones. The product really is amazing. I love mine. But I don’t love their attempt at creating buzz. I’d rate the first video PG-13. Two women are sitting in a pub having a casual conversation when a rugby team […]

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Can’t buy me love: Paid conversation seeding

Authenticity is the marketing buzzword du jour, and for good reason: There’s a huge trust gap between marketers and consumers and the more “real” you can be, the better. So, is the following Responsible Marketing? Top Quality & Affordable Forum Population Paid forum posting is about providing your forum, blog or community a jumpstart, by […]

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Bite-sized Friday: Chickens to China

Bennett Gordon from the always good Utne Reader shared the following interview with Lucas Conley, author of Obsessive Branding Disorder. Includes audio, video and a link to an excerpt from the book. Looking for social media case studies? Here are 27 of ’em from Now is Gone, by Geoff Livingston. In Indecent exposures: Companies don’t […]

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Independence Day advertising that breaks through

Independence Day Sale advertising is seldom message responsible. The print ads are crowded and filled with visual cliches. And the television ads can be downright obnoxious. Here’s a simple promotional television ad for retailer that, except for a few red stars, keeps the cliches to a minimum. I appreciate the fact the announcer avoids the […]

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Responsible Marketing is marketing without an *

We don’t trust anyone anymore. It seems the great politicians, celebrities, corporate titans and athletes have all let us down one way or another. And while part of our psyche seems to revel in watching the demise of greatness, there’s also a part of us that hurts a little. Where have all the good ones […]

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Responsible Marketing on

Alltop is the excellent blog aggregation site that offers “aggregation without aggravation” because it lists just the best of the best blogs. I was honored to be included in the marketing.alltop category in May and gave you Responsible Marketers the opportunity to weigh in on which badge I should use. So, imagine my surprise when […]

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Archie Bunker as pitchman? Almost.

Would you like someone that makes “tasteless jokes about sex, AIDS, religion and bodily functions, purposely offending just about every group of people you could name” to represent your product? How about a character that have “been criticized for everything from anti-Semitism and sexism to homophobia and overall disgustingness?” Sounds like Archie Bunker, the bombastic […]

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History’s worst viral campaign, or best?

Above are two of four videos that were uploaded to YouTube two weeks ago proving that the radiation from cell phones is strong enough to actually pop corn. Or not. As it turns out, it’s a hoax—a viral marketing ploy by Cardo Systems, a maker of cell phone earpieces and headsets. They’ve gained worldwide attention […]

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Deception is not Responsible Marketing

Liberty Names of America regularly sends us expiration notices for our domain name renewals. Problem is, they aren’t our domain registrar. Their notices are formatted like invoices in a ploy to get us to transfer our domains to them. Click on the image below to take a closer look: +Click to enlarge Of course, when […]

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Bite-sized Friday: Responsible Marketing Lite

For a change of pace, I thought I’d share a few bite-sized Responsible Marketing-related things I’ve come across this week. Causes Reports On Its First Year – $2.5 Million For 20,000 Charities And NonProfits. An interesting Facebook application that makes it easy for individuals to donate to non-profits. From TechCrunch. List of songs deemed inappropriate […]

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Copywriting advice from “The Godfather of Gore”

#2 on my list of 10 ideas to simplify your marketing is “Don’t use big words when small words will do.” In the three minute video below, direct marketing copywriting guru Herschell Gordon Lewis attacks an undecipherable email, then shares how Mary Had a Little Lamb would have turned out had the email author written […]

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Pump up the volume to improve marketing? Maybe not.

Gilmore Group I’ve spoken about the effects of information overload for over a decade, and have written a post or two on the subject as well. Because info glut makes it so difficult to break through, as marketers we’ll try just about anything: We’ll make our ads bigger. While big ads are usually better than […]

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The “We’re not having a Memorial Day sale” ad

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Associated Appliance of Stamford, Connecticut is NOT having a Memorial Day Sale. “Instead we are taking the day to spend with our families and honor our service men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice to defend the American values and way of life,” says David Pia, owner. Pretend you […]

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Everything I know I learned from a marketing intern

Let’s face it, interns get a bum wrap. They work hard, do some heavy lifting and receive little in return. They know they are paying their dues and dutifully do whatever you hand them. Since they are an intern, after all, some people might view them as lightweights, only capable of handling menial tasks and […]

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Is MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation going too far?

I am one of the few people that saw the very first video on MTV, “Video Killed the Radio Star.” I loved the channel, and I’d watch Mark Goodman and Nena Blackwood for hours on end. I’m still a big music fan (I love, but I have to admit, I stopped watching MTV when […]

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10 ideas to simplify your marketing

1. Communicate fewer ideas. Google’s initial success was due to the fact that they eliminated nearly everything from the search page. Remember what search engines looked like before Google? So often, less is more. Two ideas are better than three. But one idea is best. 2. Don’t use big words when small words will do. […]

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