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How one college builds trust by educating prospects

Consumers today are better informed about the products or services they’re purchasing than at any other time in history. But it’s not because of marketers. In addition to researching on Google, peer-to-peer review sites like Angie’s List and Yelp have quickly become the most effective way for consumers to learn about business products and services. […]

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BP combating bad press with paid search

Search for “oil spill” on Google and you’ll get this: Click here to enlarge On Bing you’ll get: British Petroleum · Get Info about the Gulf of Mexico Response Today Yahoo: BP – Info about the Gulf of Mexico Spill Learn More about How BP is Helping. Normally, I’d say this is Responsible […]

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Marketing puffery never pays

Seems we’ve been up to our eyeballs in positioning and message strategy work at Outsource Marketing lately. Of course, positioning should be the cornerstone of all your marketing communications—without meaningful differentiation, you’ve got nothin’, after all. But your positioning has to be more than simply unique and matter to your prospects. It has to be […]

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Deceptive or smart? The LA Times’ Southland ad

The LA Times got itself in some hot water last week, not once, but twice, for passing off advertising as news. On Thursday, it ran a mock news article promoting NBC’s Southland on the front page: View PDF version from the Wall Street JournalOn Sunday, the L.A. Times ran a four-page ad for the movie […]

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A-Rod deals another blow to the MLB brand

Few professional athletes have ever been bigger than George Herman “Babe” Ruth. His achievements on the baseball field were epic, garnering him the nicknames “The Sultan of Swat,” “The Colossus of Clout,” “The Titan of Terror,” “The King of Crash,” and of course, “The Great Bambino.” Arguably, the greatest player in the game today is […]

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Why you can’t trust anyone in marketing

In The Night After Christmas, Jonathan Salem Baskin waxes poetic about the excuses marketers will make when retailers realize their marketing efforts (especially their holiday sales) weren’t what they hoped for this year: The marketing had failed, the sales not triumphant, The guy sneaking away was the company’s consultant. More rapid than eagles his course […]

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Princeton Premier: Bad marketing or vanity scam?

Princeton. Americans immediately think of Princeton University, the Ivy League, or possibly the Princeton Review. They probably don’t think of Princeton Premier, a company you’ve never heard of that claims to be “the most interactive online business community in the world today.” I first learned about Princeton Premier yesterday when I received the following email: […]

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Let’s fight vanity scams together

I’ve been intrigued by the legs Awards for sale: Not a rewarding experience has had since I posted it on July 22nd, just under a month ago. The Ballard Agency received an award from the U.S. Local Business Association that was clearly a deceptive marketing tactic similar to the phony domain name and Yellow Pages […]

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What’s most important?

Yesterday, I spoke about how competence and character are necessary to build trust, and it made me think of a business relationship I have with someone that’s in one of the lowest-trust categories out there—auto mechanics. Honest mechanics are hard to come by, and I have one. Years ago, I was referred to my mechanic, […]

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How Responsible Marketing builds trust

Some people think trust is gained through integrity only. Not so, says Steven M.R. Covey in The Speed of Trust. Trust is equal parts character and competence. Here’s how character and competence are directly related to Responsible Marketing: It takes more than just doing marketing right. For long-term success, you really have to do the […]

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Does marketing need a heart?

There are seven keys to Responsible Marketing. Most would agree the first four keys are necessary just to do marketing right: Strategically responsible – to save time, money and improve focus Execution responsible – with best practices instead of best efforts Casting responsible – so your have the right people in the right roles, internally […]

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Awards for sale: Not a rewarding experience

The Ballard Agency has won plenty of awards in their 45 year history, but this isn’t one they were interested in: Chris Ballard, President of the the Bellevue-based insurance brokerage was surprised his company was selected. He’d never even heard of the U.S. Local Business Association. Here’s the email he received, with hyperlinks removed: I […]

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Can’t buy me love: Paid conversation seeding

Authenticity is the marketing buzzword du jour, and for good reason: There’s a huge trust gap between marketers and consumers and the more “real” you can be, the better. So, is the following Responsible Marketing? Top Quality & Affordable Forum Population Paid forum posting is about providing your forum, blog or community a jumpstart, by […]

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Responsible Marketing is marketing without an *

We don’t trust anyone anymore. It seems the great politicians, celebrities, corporate titans and athletes have all let us down one way or another. And while part of our psyche seems to revel in watching the demise of greatness, there’s also a part of us that hurts a little. Where have all the good ones […]

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Taglines to live by: Can you guess who is who?

Here’s a pop quiz my partner Dan Murphy gave our team at yesterday’s weekly Huddle. | View | Upload your own How did you do? Us either. Here are Dan’s thoughts on the test, and why we all did so poorly: What I found intriguing was that so many of these Fortune 500 companies—presumably with […]

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