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Why Instagram’s new TOS are a POS, and you should delete your account

Love Instagram? Maybe not so much after you read their new terms of service (TOS): Some or all of the Service may be supported by advertising revenue. To help us deliver interesting paid or sponsored content or promotions, you agree that a business or other entity may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos (along […]

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Your name + your picture = LinkedIn ad

I received the following message over the weekend from LinkedIn friend David Quinn that you definitely need to read: I really like LinkedIn, but as a person concerned about privacy and social networks, I believe that I have to point out a change to you. Without attracting too much publicity, LinkedIn has updated their privacy […]

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Is your company ready for “Facebook Friday?”

Over the last year, I’ve fallen into the habit of talking with companies about their use of social media, and one of the most polarizing discussion topics is how open a company should be in allowing employees to use social media sites. While some companies lock down all social sites, others encourage their use. So […]

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Behold, the Facebook Friend Spamming tool

It was bound to happen. With a little help from the programmers and usability gurus at Facebook, I spammed my friends, colleagues, business associates, people who’ve considered hiring Outsource Marketing, and everyone else in my Gmail address book that didn’t have a Facebook account yet. I’m not talking about Facebook application developers making it next […]

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Facebook disables BK’s Whopper Sacrifice app

Facebook “helps you connect and share with the people in your life.” But as anyone that has used the service knows, sometimes those connections can become, well, tenuous. Enter Burger King, who last week saw this as not a problem, but an opportunity to help Facebook users cull the unworthy using an un-friend app at […]

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Marketing personalization tips and pitfalls

Personalization has been the marketer’s holy grail for a long time. From 1998-2002 I instructed the Integrated Marketing Communications course at the University of Washington. The first few years, I used The One-to-One Future by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers as one of my textbooks. Of course, one of the key messages of the book […]

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Responsible Marketing is marketing without an *

We don’t trust anyone anymore. It seems the great politicians, celebrities, corporate titans and athletes have all let us down one way or another. And while part of our psyche seems to revel in watching the demise of greatness, there’s also a part of us that hurts a little. Where have all the good ones […]

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Great marketing or an invasion of privacy?

Here are a few customer experiences you are probably familiar with: Your barista knows your drink. The service manager at the auto dealer greets you by name when you pull up. You buy groceries using your rewards card, then receive a coupon for products that directly compete with the products you’ve just purchased (or maybe […]

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Warning: Nasty phishing scam targets business leaders

What would you do if you received this? Normally, I would have hit the delete key. After all, you don’t get subpoenaed by email. Then I looked a little closer. It had my name, phone number and the correct email address. Hmm. I moused over the links without clicking and most, but not all seemed […]

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Personalization v. privacy: Online marketers get too close for comfort

It’s a sticky subject and it’s not going away anytime soon. Some have called personalization the Holy Grail of marketing. If you can connect with people in a highly relevant and personalized way, you’ll dramatically improve your response rates and marketing ROI. What’s more, most people prefer personalized ads–ads delivered to their name, at the […]

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On photonapping and double standards

  From software license audits to record labels suing teenagers’ parents for downloading music through a file sharing services, corporate America is working overtime to protect its intellectual property rights. Just in the last week, the blogosphere was abuzz with news that Ford had asked the Black Mustang Club to cease and desist from using […]

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