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There’s still time to plan your 2014 marketing. Well, sorta.

Have you started your 2014 marketing planning? November is just around the corner, and we’re just weeks away from New Years.  Every year starting about now, we receive a quiver full of last minute, somewhat panicked, inquiries as people realize: They didn’t get everything done in the current year that they wanted to They are […]

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Shifting from reactive to proactive customer service that sells

Recently, Software Advice hosted an online debate called: “Is Customer Service the New Marketing?” The discussion highlighted customers’ increasing disillusionment with traditional advertising; and as a result, the importance of customer service as a market differentiator. The average consumer is bombarded with thousands of commercial messages per day. That’s a lot of clutter to cut […]

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Follow us on Google+ for a chance to win tickets to see King Felix this Wednesday

The King is pitching this Wednesday and one lucky friend of Outsource Marketing will get to go to he game with a guest, for FREE. We’re giving away two FREE tickets to the Mariners v. Rays game at Safeco Field on Wednesday at 12:40 pm. There’s no better place to watch than in our awesome […]

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KFC’s shameful attempt at Responsible Marketing

A Utah KFC’s recent attempt at Responsible Marketing via this hair-brained cause marketing campaign has left us speechless: That’s right, buy a jug of high fructose corn syrup-powered soda pop—one of the primary causes of diabetes and childhood obesity—and we’ll donate a dollar to juvenile diabetes research. Our take: absolutely shameful and completely irresponsible. What’s […]

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Introducing Outsource Marketing’s Video Services

. . . and Shawn Telford, our new Director. Here’s our intro video, peppered with a few select shots from his reel: He’ll make you laugh. He’ll make you cry. He’ll make you say, “Did he really do that?” Regardless of the emotions he conjures, one thing’s certain, Shawn Telford knows how to get and […]

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Do you respect your customer’s intelligence?

The wisdom of children always amazes me. On the way to Little League practice yesterday, my six-year-old son heard a radio ad that made him ask “why?” A radio ad for two nights stay at a regional hotel for “only $950!” is what set him off. His response: Only $950?!! Why do they always say […]

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The Southwest Airlines Bikini Controversy

Remember a few years ago when a woman was thrown off of a Southwest Airlines plane because her outfit was too revealing? Imagine her surprise when Southwest launched the “SI One,” to promote Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition last month. The airline expected controversy, but probably didn’t expect how polarizing the image would be. A few […]

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Make your marketing more shareable—pass it on

At a lunch meeting at the Cheesecake Factory yesterday, I was beginning to tell a client we wanted to help them develop ways to make their company, products and services more “shareable.” I know, it’s not a real word, but I use it a lot because it telegraphs the idea immediately. But yesterday, I never […]

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