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Want to know what Lou Piniella really says to the officials?

Lou Piniella was a hoot to watch during his Seattle days, and his hot temper always made for great entertainment–for the hardcore or casual fan. Aquafina has created Lou’s Daily Affirmations, an online site where you can share Lou’s words of wisdom with friends via email and of course, post it on most major social […]

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Can Responsible Marketing save baseball?

I love baseball. And I loved winning our home opener. But as a fan, I’m disappointed, frustrated, even embarrassed, about steroids in baseball. I saw Barry Bonds play in his quest for 756 versus the Cubs at Wrigley Field last year. I’ve never heard so many people yell so lustily (mostly “cheater,” “liar” and F-bombs). […]

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Responsible or not? Apple, Inc.

Image from Wired Magazine I was interviewed by MacNews last week for their article The iPhone and Social Networks: Fast Friends? Read it and you might think I’m an Apple fanboy. I’m not. Apple has introduced some game-changing, highly usable, extremely cool products. But the company has a less than sterling reputation regarding the way […]

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Gary Vaynerchuk on personal branding

My partner, Eric Anderson, has been urging me to profile host Gary Vaynerchuk since I launched this blog. An avid wine collector, Eric has watched Vaynerchuk’s video blog since its debut. Vaynerchuk’s energy, authenticity and social media savvy caught Eric’s attention, and a few others as well. Vaynerchuk is now one of the Internet […]

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Twitter me this: Is it time to tweet?

You’ve surely heard of Twitter by now . . . the “service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?” The premise is a head-scratcher for most. I constantly hear “I don’t get it,” or “I’m too busy,” […]

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Social networking in plain English (and the power of video)

After wrapping up my article and post Social networking is ready for business. Are you? I remembered a video from a few years ago that explains what social networking is and its benefits. It’s only 1:47, so you can get through it quickly. Explaining complex ideas with the written word takes a lot of energy […]

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Social networking is ready for business. Are you?

I was shocked when I realized how many of Outsource Marketing’s clients and friends of the firm still haven’t gotten their feet wet with social media. No LinkedIn. No Facebook. No Plaxo. No Twitter. No fun. So, I decided to write Social networking is ready for business. Are you? (84 KB, PDF) for this month’s […]

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Jargon and buzzwords to avoid like the plague

Is it time to disintermediate mission-critical communities? Not until we embrace open-source infrastructures. To be message responsible, you have to respect your audience. That means speaking clearly in a human voice. Buzzwords dominate business communications and it’s a serious problem for anyone that wants to connect with their customers, colleagues and prospects. Problem is, buzzwords […]

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Two trends you need to wrap your head around now

AdWeek released its Top 10 Trends of 2007 late last month. Trends included the explosion of social networking and its impact on privacy, increased mobility, the growth of the BRIC nations, online gaming, and how open systems are prevailing over closed ones. But two trends are of particular relevance to responsible marketing: It’s time to […]

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Ad Age Trends for 2008: My take

Ad Age released their Trends to Watch in 2008 recently. Here’s a loose summary of the article with my comments in italics. MARKETERS HIT A ROUGH PATCH With growth slowing, fuel prices high and credit tight, marketers will struggle as consumers will reduce spending. This puts marketing responsibility at a premium. Now more than ever, […]

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My friend, the spammer

Want to make some easy money? Now you can, if you are willing to spam your friends on Facebook, and soon, Skype, Open Social, Twitter and some of your other favorite places to connect online. Check out this blog posting from TechCrunch, and make sure you scan the comments.

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