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Responsible Marketing in a Zombie Apocalypse

In business, it’s survival of the fittest, and our Seven Keys to Responsible Marketing can help you survive just about anything the world throws at you. Even a zombie apocalypse. That’s right, a zombie apocalypse. The characters of AMC’s The Walking Dead would have fared better if they just appreciated our Seven Keys. Here’s how: […]

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Sexy Halloween costumes for kids: A scary reality

‘Tis the season again for hot cider, pumpkin patches, rainy soccer games, and sexy kid’s Halloween costumes. Say what? Yes, you know what we’re  talking about. Take a quick stroll through any costume store or gaze online, and you’ll be besieged with images of girls looking 20 years older than they are. Disturbing. Our own […]

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7th Straight Recycling Award for Outsource Marketing

  We walk the talk at Outsource Marketing. Since 2007 King County has recognized organizations for waste prevention and recycling efforts.  And, for the 7th straight year we are proud to announce Outsource Marketing has been recognized and made the Honor Roll for “Best Workplaces for Recycling and Waste Prevention.” Read all about it on […]

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Hey kids! Buy this! Can marketing to kids be responsible?

Everyone knows soft drinks are bad for your health and teeth, but the biggest soda companies have continued their advertising onslaught, with much of their marketing directed at kids. As a marketer and a mom, Andrea Moretsky has a unique take on soft drink marketing, and she shared it on Parent Map in Marketing Soda […]

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How one college builds trust by educating prospects

Consumers today are better informed about the products or services they’re purchasing than at any other time in history. But it’s not because of marketers. In addition to researching on Google, peer-to-peer review sites like Angie’s List and Yelp have quickly become the most effective way for consumers to learn about business products and services. […]

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Volkswagen’s Super Bowl Ad: Get in. Get Racist?

It must be Super Bowl ad season because the critics are a squawkin’.  Well, VW’s “Get in. Get Happy.” ad has taken the spotlight. Some are calling this racist and offensive. Although it’s definitely not as memorable as VW Passat’s 2010 “Darth Vader” ad which charmed the hearts of many and generated 56 million views […]

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Part 4: Assessing the effectiveness of television ads targeted at Asian Americans

So, when is it appropriate to leverage culture in a marketing campaign? Here’s an instance where the use of culture is very effective. As discussed in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Segmenting the Asian American market based on generational differences,” Indian Americans are the least likely to consider themselves to be typical Americans; and want to […]

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Part 3: Segmenting the Asian American market based on generational differences

According to the Pew Research Center, “[Asian] immigrants themselves are still by far the dominant group and the second generation has only recently begun to come into adulthood in significant numbers”. Furthermore, the center reports that the desire to maintain ties with country-of-origin is most notable among Indian Americans. Indian Americans are the least likely […]

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Part 2: Reaching the fastest growing population in America

What does the rise of the Asian population in America mean in terms of marketing? And how should marketing practitioners develop marketing campaigns targeted at Asian Americans? My guess is that most people learn as much as possible about Asian culture and integrate cultural elements into marketing campaigns. In some instances, this approach is very effective. In […]

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Part 1: The rise of the Asian population in America

You probably know that UCLA is the acronym for the University of California Los Angeles. You may not be familiar with the other UCLA acronym: the University of Caucasians Lost among Asians. I’m guessing you either found that moniker A) insulting, juvenile or stupid; or B) you just LOL’d. If you fall in the latter camp, I’m guessing you might be Asian. As […]

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‘Mermaids’ makes big ratings splash: But was it ethical?

It’s not the first time something like this has happened. ‘The War of the Worlds’ adaptation, which aired on the CBS radio network, caused quite a commotion in 1938. The New York Times reported that “a wave of hysteria seized thousands of radio listeners between 8:15 and 9:30 o’clock last night when a broadcast of […]

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Another recycling award for Outsource Marketing

For six years, King County has recognized organizations for their waste prevention and recycling efforts. And for six years, Outsource Marketing has made the list. Read all about it on the King County website.

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“Good deeds invite bad publicity” takes the bridge too far

Is it possible good deeds invite bad publicity? Can CSR efforts actually backfire? A recent working paper published in the Harvard Business Review claims just that, using oil company spills and the subsequent media coverage registering no difference in sentiment as the evidence. In fact, the paper claims companies making strong corporate social responsibility claims […]

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Nearly 90% of Chinese Youth want Greener Business

Why consumers in emerging markets are more responsible than Americans

The growth of our Responsible Marketing LinkedIn Group has been intriguing: most new members aren’t coming from America—they are coming from everywhere else. And a disproportionate number are coming from emerging markets. New research from Edelman Public Relations shared in Good Magazine explains why: Older people aren’t as purposeful: The U.S. is aging, and the […]

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Responsible Marketing LinkedIn group is heating up

Did you know there’s a Responsible Marketing Group on LinkedIn? Yep, it currently has an international membership of 866 members, and the conversation has recently heated up recently. Check out a great conversation we’re having about Denny’s Maple Bacon Sundae, and feel free to join us as we discuss where commerce and conscience collide and/or […]

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12 examples of marketers that have exploited 9/11

Last year, we inducted Courrier International into the Responsible Marketing Hall of Shame for their insensitive exploitation of 9/11. This year, Euronews has listed a dozen more examples in Marketing and the exploitation of 9/11 that are every bit as disturbing.  Here are the images: The exploitation of 9/11 by marketers is disrespectful, irresponsible on every […]

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Another recycling award for Outsource Marketing

We’re proud to receive recognition as a King County’s Best Workplace for Recycling and Waste Reduction once again this year. We are honored to join five other Issaquah businesses that were recognized for their sustainable efforts including  The City of Issaquah, The Issaquah School District, Timber Ridge at Talus, Rowley Properties, and Pogacha. This marks the fifth […]

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KFC’s shameful attempt at Responsible Marketing

A Utah KFC’s recent attempt at Responsible Marketing via this hair-brained cause marketing campaign has left us speechless: That’s right, buy a jug of high fructose corn syrup-powered soda pop—one of the primary causes of diabetes and childhood obesity—and we’ll donate a dollar to juvenile diabetes research. Our take: absolutely shameful and completely irresponsible. What’s […]

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American eagles and flags coming soon to an ad near you

Osama Bin Laden was a bad man and the world’s a better place without him. And I’m just as patriotic as the next guy.  But mark my words, soon you’ll see ads with American eagles and the American flag popping up, just like after 9/11 as advertisers aimed to capitalize on American emotions. With thousands of […]

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Graphic warning labels on cigarettes proposed

I won’t bore you with all the reasons I hate cigarettes, but childhood migraines due to passive cigarette smoke is where my disdain for the stuff started. Given the shocking facts regarding the health risks, I’ve always thought cigarettes should be even more heavily regulated, if not banned outright here in the U.S. Imagine my […]

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