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Fly the responsible skies with Jet Blue

Earlier this year, Hyundai introduced its Assurance Program giving buyers the option to return their new car to the dealership if they lost their job. I liked the idea then and I like it now. Now, Jet Blue has taken a page from Hyundai and has introduced the Jet Blue Promise Program. While returning a […]

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What’s your mindset amid the economic crisis?

In the last few months we’ve seen one client see a 75% decrease in their monthly revenue. A start up’s development and marketing funding source dried up when an adviser failed to move the money quick enough. Other clients have had their marketing budgets frozen or slashed. In their own words, these folks have told […]

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Lose your job? Return your car.

As retailer desperation reaches a fever pitch and discount signs pop up everywhere, here’s something a little different: With Hyundai’s Assurance Program, if you lose your job, you can return your car to the dealership. Any automaker could have done this, but they haven’t—yet. And Hyundai did it first. Not only will this drive word […]

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Coke v. Pepsi: Refreshingly irresponsible

Coke and Pepsi are at it again. They battled it out on New Year’s Eve in Times Square with Pepsi revealing it’s new Refresh Everything campaign while Coke introduced it’s Refresh. Recycle. Repeat. green campaign, wind-powered billboards and all. Here’s Pepsi’s New Year Eve video: Both campaigns are refreshing, but that’s the problem. By using […]

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One resolution to keep: A marketing plan in 2009

I often ask audiences “Are you happy with your marketing results?” Regardless of the number of people in the audience, nary a hand will go up. Later, when I ask “How many people are working from a marketing plan?” about the same number of people raise their hands. It’s no coincidence that of those that […]

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To print or not to print. That is the question.

At least, that’s the question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. We printed and mailed holiday cards to key clients and sent digital versions to friends of the firm and the folks we communicate with regularly in social media circles. But I wasn’t sure if should send printed holiday cards. Every card we sent […]

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The evolution of church marketing

Believe in evolution? That’s your business. Let’s talk marketing—the evolution of church marketing. For obvious reasons, a lot more people will go to church today and tomorrow than usual. But religious institutions aren’t just looking for members in December. More and more churches are realizing that a good location and word-of-mouth alone won’t always fill […]

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Marketing, advertising and PR are not equals

I love and hate this: I love it because of it’s simple, it’s funny and it’s true. But I hate it because it perpetuates the myth that marketing, advertising and PR are all in some way equals. They aren’t. Let me explain: You meet two people at a holiday party: Beth works in the marketing […]

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Time to focus on the top of the pyramid

The pyramid above represents all of your audiences—from the entire universe of prospective customers to the people that love everything you do and refer you to everyone they know. In good economic times or bad, the goal is simple: Move each audience up the pyramid as far as you can. The proportions, of course, aren’t […]

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Will the economy kill creativity?

Breaking through the clutter amid consumer cynicism and information overload requires creativity. Creativity comes in all forms. It can be beautiful, disturbing, fascinating, shocking, heartwarming, awe-inspiring, scary, fun—you get the point. We all know that creativity isn’t always easy to sell. Sometimes it’s the budget. Other times it’s inertia. But whatever it is, experiencing something […]

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Can you market as well as a state agency?

Some of the best marketing today is being done by groups typically considered boring and safe. You know—state agencies. Battling preconceptions to market employment office services to employers A few years back, Outsource Marketing helped a consortium of seven U.S. states whose charter was to find effective new ways to market state one-stop services to […]

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Good to Great: On hedgehogs and BHAGS

I’m a fan of Jim Collins, author of business classics Built to Last and Good to Great. One of the key concepts in Good to Great is the Hedgehog Concept: Those who built the good-to-great companies were, to one degree or another, hedgehogs. They used their hedgehog nature to drive toward what we came to […]

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Don’t roll the dice with your marketing in 2009

It’s hard to believe the holidays are a mere six to eight weeks from now, depending upon how you celebrate. Girding for what may be one of the poorest holiday seasons in recent memory, retailers have the decorations out and their holiday ads are starting to appear. While the time to complete planning for the […]

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The door to door salesman from hell

Yesterday, an office supplies salesperson from Quill darkened our doorstep at Outsource Marketing. It wasn’t pretty, and I asked my colleague to recap her experience for you. Here it is: He walked into an office building that says “No Soliciting” posted on the door. I walking out of Mary Kate’s office and Renee was following […]

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Responsible or not? Club Libby Lu

My daughter turned four in August, but she’s already becoming aware of fashion and brands. She’s visited Club Libby Lu once or twice for lip gloss (more like lip balm). While there, she’s seen the five and six year old girls at princess parties, getting makeovers and their hair done. For the uninitiated, Club Libby […]

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Ford innovation differentiates

When it’s time to buy a car, you have plenty of choices. But if you have a teen driver in the house and have the Benjamins to buy them a new car, you’ll have to put a 2009 Ford on your shortlist. Here’s why: Ford Motor Company is introducing MyKey™, a standard new technology designed […]

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Personnel Concepts’ marketing:
Out of compliance?

I don’t like receiving upsetting letters. Nobody does. But here’s an envelope I received in the mail yesterday: +enlarge Why would I receive a letter from The Compliance Service Department at PCI marked “Important – Open Immediately?” I didn’t know who PCI was, but I was afraid it may have something to do with our […]

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Fail to plan? Plan to fail.

Since 1997 we’ve met with a lot of startups. Some become clients. Some don’t. Sometimes, it’s because we aren’t the right fit for them, or vice-versa. With startups we always want to learn if they are interested in Responsible Marketing or Drive-by Marketing as quickly as possible. In 2005, I met with a startup that […]

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A tribute to Paul Newman

Watch this video on YouTube Paul L. Newman 1925 – 2008 What an amazing legacy. Subscribe to this feed. . . . Thanks to Kathy Gill for the link to the Vanity Fair article via Twitter.

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