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The Republican Party’s depressing new slogan

It doesn’t matter whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian or Green Party member—this is rich. The House Republicanshave a new fall agenda and a new slogan: The Change You Deserve Their thinking: This agenda is a reflection of House Republicans’ commitment to providing American families with the change they deserve: common-sense solutions to the […]

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How marketing is like pushing a car

When I was a penniless college student at Gonzaga University, I pushed many a “beater-with-a-heater.” I pushed my ’69 Beetle. I pushed my ’73 Maverick. I pushed my ’81 Chevette. I became an expert at pushing cars in rain, snow, sleet or hail. Laugh all you want, but that Beetle was sweet when it was […]

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The Seven Keys to Responsible Marketing

Each month, we share marketing articles, links and information with the Friends of Outsource Marketing. This month, we added “podcast” to that list. My partner Bill Boyd has done quite a few podcasts for clients, and decided it was time to do one for us. Click play below to listen: [audio:] Can you help me […]

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Congrats on 25 years of usability leadership, Jakob Nielsen

Having a website that’s difficult to use is downright irresponsible. The first time I ever gave it a thought, I did a Yahoo! search (Google didn’t exist) and happened upon by Jakob Nielsen. It really opened my eyes to web usability, and since 1995, I’ve read just about everything Nielsen has published on the […]

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Before you open a retail business, read this

I was hungry by about 11:30 yesterday morning so I set out to find something quick and relatively fresh. As I pulled into the parking lot of my local psuedo-strip mall, the first place I noticed was Qdoba. I was on autopilot and didn’t give it a second thought. Qdoba is not as good as […]

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Responsible or not? Absolut re-maps North America

Absolut Vodka of Sweden created a bit of uproar recently by re-mapping North America to include most of the American southwest as part of Mexico. Although the ad was only run in Mexico and was meant to be taken tongue-in-cheek, U.S. consumers threatened boycott and Absulut apologized and yanked the ad. Our immigration problems are […]

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Personal positioning: Marketing yourself in a brand-oriented world

Last week I spoke at a career fair at the University of Washington. My topic was on some of the misconceptions employers and marketers have about Gen Y, but I really wanted talk with them about Personal Positioning. Why discuss Personal Positioning on the Responsible Marketing Blog? Like LeBron James, Angelina Jolie and Barack Obama, […]

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Responsible Super Bowl ads? You decide.

  The Super Bowl frenzy is over, but the analysis of the Super Bowl advertising has just begun. Millions are already viewing and voting on their favorites at YouTube Adblitz and MySpace. I’m interested in something a little different. I’ve taken the liberty to list just over twenty of the ads that are currently receiving […]

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What your marketing counsel should tell you—but won’t

I just re-read this article I wrote for Media, Inc. a few years ago thinking it needed an update. Oddly, it felt more relevant than ever. Take a gander, then share your thoughts by commenting below.

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The one resolution marketers must keep (every year)

Every year, we receive a boat load of last minute inquiries as prospects (and a few clients) realize: a. They didn’t get everything done they wanted to b. They are getting ready to start the New Year without a plan c. They have unused budget they need to spend d. Some combination of the above […]

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Two trends you need to wrap your head around now

AdWeek released its Top 10 Trends of 2007 late last month. Trends included the explosion of social networking and its impact on privacy, increased mobility, the growth of the BRIC nations, online gaming, and how open systems are prevailing over closed ones. But two trends are of particular relevance to responsible marketing: It’s time to […]

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Ad Age Trends for 2008: My take

Ad Age released their Trends to Watch in 2008 recently. Here’s a loose summary of the article with my comments in italics. MARKETERS HIT A ROUGH PATCH With growth slowing, fuel prices high and credit tight, marketers will struggle as consumers will reduce spending. This puts marketing responsibility at a premium. Now more than ever, […]

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Ride the S.L.U.T. SayWa?

  If you live in the Seattle area, you’ve witnessed a naming blunder or two over the last few years. Washington State’s “SayWa?” slogan to promote tourism in the state was widely panned and then scrapped. The Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau followed that ditty up with “metronatural,” [lower-case ‘m’ is part of the branding] a […]

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Is marketing outsourcing Responsible Marketing?

It’s a fair question. To answer that, first you need a little better understanding of what marketing outsourcing is. To help explain the concept, I wrote Demystifying marketing outsourcing. It’s a quick read that describes marketing outsourcing categorically, not my company. Of course, since we are marketing outsourcing pioneers and I’m closer to this than […]

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A multicultural marketing swing and miss

Multicultural marketing is smart. It makes a lot of sense. And it could be your company’s next competitive advantage. A few of my team members at Outsource Marketing wrote a substantive article on the topic awhile back in Are you serving the minority-majority? Why multicultural marketing matters more than ever. It’s definitely worth your time. […]

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On first impressions and sweating the small stuff

On the surface, Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market looks like the type of company I’d enjoy profiling on The Responsible Marketing blog. They are saying all the right things: they believe in making fresh and high quality food affordable in every neighborhood, they are active in their communities, they treat their people well. So it […]

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Preview the Responsible Marketing book

Why is marketing ROI is an oxymoron for most companies? “Spend more, get less” just doesn’t pencil. There is a pathway to marketing that delivers results, but it might not be the path you’d expect. Here’s a link to a white paper-length preview of my upcoming book entitled, you guessed it, Responsible Marketing. In it, […]

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