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Love it or hate it? Heineken’s “Share the Good”

With the title “Share the Good,” Heineken’s new campaign sounds promising. But it’s not about Katrina relief, reducing the company’s carbon footprint or feeding hungry children. Nope. It’s all about the beer, and sharing your Heineken with a stranger. While the ad is visually interesting and the art direction is quite good, something isn’t quite […]

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Embracing responsibility: It’s gr-r-r-reat! Or is it?

Here’s four minutes of junk food advertising aimed at children: Given the above, when cereal maker Kellogg’s proclaims, “We want to be a responsible marketer,” what does that mean? Is their newfound philosophy responsible or reactionary? In Embracing responsibility: It’s gr-r-r-reat! Or is it? my partner, Dan Murphy tackles that question and more. Here’s a […]

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Life flows better with Visa, especially if you are buck naked

Visa Europe is rolling out its new “Life flows better with Visa” campaign today. Here’s their first ad: Think it would fly in America? Via MarketingWeek UK

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Easter Bunny hogtied, candy stolen. Story at 11.

Rest assured, I understand no bunnies were harmed during the photo shoot for this ad. This is from the following ad for Shaw’s Candies of San Francisco: + enlarge The other ads in the campaign include X-rays of teeth and a belt from folks that couldn’t resist their chocolates. Kind of makes me think of […]

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Your agency is not your brand

Does your website have a link on the bottom giving credit to the web developer? Do your email blasts include a big logo with a link taking your readers to your email marketing company’s promotional page? Why? You’ve paid good money to have your website designed, then your web developer uses it to promote their […]

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Should I drink a Guinness today?

St. Patrick’s Day on a Monday? Blasphemy! When in Dublin a few years ago, I visited the Guinness Storehouse and was most impressed by the section dedicated to their advertising archive, most of the second floor. “Guinness is good for you” was a claim made in the company’s adverts after market research revealed people felt […]

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Responsible or not? Advertising that distracts

As a marketer, I get frustrated when I see poor targeting, flat creative, lack of personalization, and any number of things one might find wrong when armchair quarterbacking someone else’s work. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve caught myself saying, “If only they could have…” But I also get frustrated as a […]

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Must buy Spleen-o-Bits!

IMHO, Doug Savage’s Savage Chickens is the best thing since The Far Side and Bloom County. I love it when he skewers marketing. It hurts so good. Subscribe to his blog so you won’t miss a post.

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Where have you seen advertising today?

My partners and I have been preaching and teaching about the effects of information overload for over a decade now. In speaking engagements, workshops and classes that I’ve instructed, I’ve often asked “Where have you seen advertising today? Here are a few places that have been mentioned: • Direct mail • TV • Radio • […]

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The Green Effie Award: Call for entries now open

  In the advertising business, an Effie is the equivalent of an Academy Award. Started in 1968, the award goes to “client and agency teams who tackled a marketplace challenge with a big idea and knew exactly how to communicate their message to their customer.” Now there’s an award green marketers can aspire to: The […]

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