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Apple puts social responsibility up front

Anyone interested in the Apple iPad has no doubt been to the Apple homepage lately and discovered this nice surprise bottom-center: That’s right. At a time when Apple could be cross-selling any number of their new offerings, they are using one of the four sandboxes on their homepage to share their supplier responsibility practices. You […]

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Comparitive advertising: Love it or hate it?

You’ve probably noticed there’s a lot more comparative advertising being done lately. Miller Lite v. Bud Light, Whopper v. Big Mac, Campbells v. Progresso and Dunkin’ Donuts (or McDonalds) v. Starbucks all immediately come to mind. Of course, the poster child for comparative advertising is Mac v. PC: View Mac v. PC on YouTube Is […]

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Apple responds to censorship challenge

Last week, Gawker reported that Apple had censored the cigarette from the Mad Men page on iTunes (see above). For a split second, I thought it was a good thing. I don’t smoke and couldn’t have been happier when Washington State’s Clean Indoor Air Act took effect. But then I realized just how wrong taking […]

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Taglines to live by: Can you guess who is who?

Here’s a pop quiz my partner Dan Murphy gave our team at yesterday’s weekly Huddle. | View | Upload your own How did you do? Us either. Here are Dan’s thoughts on the test, and why we all did so poorly: What I found intriguing was that so many of these Fortune 500 companies—presumably with […]

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Responsible or not? Apple, Inc.

Image from Wired Magazine I was interviewed by MacNews last week for their article The iPhone and Social Networks: Fast Friends? Read it and you might think I’m an Apple fanboy. I’m not. Apple has introduced some game-changing, highly usable, extremely cool products. But the company has a less than sterling reputation regarding the way […]

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Don’t you wish your company could slow down the Internet?

How would you like your customers to line up to hear you talk about your latest product updates? Well, Apple fans have done just that in person and online awaiting news of the company’s newest upgrades and offerings. The blogosphere has been buzzing for days, and today, twitter has sporadically been slowed to a crawl. […]

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Entertaining, but effective?

Ready for a little break from the barrage of holiday advertising? I am, and I like advertising. I was hoping I’d find a few holiday-themed ads to share, but then I realized, the most entertaining and memorable ad I’ve seen this season wasn’t a holiday ad at all. It was a Jack-in-the-Box ad, and I […]

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