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Responsible Advertising — Even When it Hurts

Headquartered in Madrid, the ANAR Foundation believes that all children should have a voice, especially when their rights are violated. Take a look at this video from an impressive street ad campaign by the ANAR Foundation: It’s thought provoking. It’s empathetic. It’s reassuring. The goal of this advertisement is clear – to help children realize […]

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Does sex sell cause-related marketing?

Do you remember this ad? It’s part of PETA’s anti-fur campaign. Though the use of nude celebrities may arouse cynicism, the use of provocative imagery and ardent copy make for a bold message. Ad copy: “Animals killed for their fur are electrocuted, drowned, beaten and often skinned alive. Be comfortable in your own skin, and […]

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Green Valentine’s Day: Forget about lingerie, adopt a pig for that special someone in your life.

According to American Greetings Corporation, around a billion Valentine’s cards are sent globally each year. That’s a whole ‘lotta love, and waste, being spread around the world. Don’t forget about boxes of chocolates, lingerie, and expensive jewelry. So what are some alternative more earth-friendly ideas? How about adopting a rescued farm animal? Better yet, why […]

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Is cause-related marketing strategically responsible?

In 1983, American Express coined the term “cause-related marketing” (CRM) when it embarked on a charitable endeavor to renovate the Statue of Liberty. The effort netted $1.7M (roughly $4M today when adjusted for inflation) for the preservation of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Needless to say, CRM is now an integral business strategy […]

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KFC’s shameful attempt at Responsible Marketing

A Utah KFC’s recent attempt at Responsible Marketing via this hair-brained cause marketing campaign has left us speechless: That’s right, buy a jug of high fructose corn syrup-powered soda pop—one of the primary causes of diabetes and childhood obesity—and we’ll donate a dollar to juvenile diabetes research. Our take: absolutely shameful and completely irresponsible. What’s […]

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Is responsibility the Holy Grail of marketing?

Gennefer Snowfield at the Triple Pundit interviewed me earlier this week and asked me a host of questions regarding Responsible Marketing, including— Where the Responsible Marketing concept came from; The impetus for this blog; How I define Responsible Marketing; Where Responsible Marketing fits with cause marketing; Which brands are leading in Responsible Marketing; My predictions […]

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Share the love when you buy a new Subaru

We all know what to expect when it comes to automobile pitches, don’t we? Year-end closeouts! Employee pricing! No reasonable offer refused! Support a cause?! Subaru has thrown a curve ball into the mix with it’s Share the Love promotion. When you buy or lease any new Subaru now and January 2, 2009, Subaru will […]

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Help provide shoes to 30,000 children in Ethiopia

I’ve mentioned TOMS Shoes before. They’re the company that donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair they sell. I love their model, and for the holidays, they are campaigning to give away 30,000 pairs of shoes to children in Ethiopia. Here’s a little more info: View TOMS Project Holiday […]

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A day made better for teachers by OfficeMax

Did you know that, on average, teachers spend about $1,200 of their own money to cover the cost of classroom supplies? The “teacher-funded” classroom is an outrage when you consider teacher compensation, and OfficeMax has partnered with Adopt-A-Classroom “to recognize extraordinary teachers for their dedication and innovative approach to education.” During their A Day Made […]

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Pampers math: 1 pack = 1 vaccine

Last year, Pampers teamed with Unicef to provide tetanus shots for mothers and children in developing countries. Their campaign was set to last three months, but I saw the above ad last night, so it appears they’ve extended the program. Everyone wins: The vaccination recipients–for obvious reason, P&G–because of the goodwill it generates, and the […]

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Tide offers “Loads of Hope” for natural disaster victims

Do you have an affinity to your laundry detergent? You might after you read this. After Hurricane Katrina and the recent California wildfires, Tide dispatched their CleanStart trucks to the scene to help. These mobile laundry facilities provided the families of these disasters with free laundry services when they needed it most. The CleanStart trucks […]

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