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Great marketing or an invasion of privacy?

Here are a few customer experiences you are probably familiar with: Your barista knows your drink. The service manager at the auto dealer greets you by name when you pull up. You buy groceries using your rewards card, then receive a coupon for products that directly compete with the products you’ve just purchased (or maybe […]

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Can Responsible Marketing save baseball?

I love baseball. And I loved winning our home opener. But as a fan, I’m disappointed, frustrated, even embarrassed, about steroids in baseball. I saw Barry Bonds play in his quest for 756 versus the Cubs at Wrigley Field last year. I’ve never heard so many people yell so lustily (mostly “cheater,” “liar” and F-bombs). […]

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Life flows better with Visa, especially if you are buck naked

Visa Europe is rolling out its new “Life flows better with Visa” campaign today. Here’s their first ad: Think it would fly in America? Via MarketingWeek UK

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Should I drink a Guinness today?

St. Patrick’s Day on a Monday? Blasphemy! When in Dublin a few years ago, I visited the Guinness Storehouse and was most impressed by the section dedicated to their advertising archive, most of the second floor. “Guinness is good for you” was a claim made in the company’s adverts after market research revealed people felt […]

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Smokes that Al Gore would love?

Are you a green smoker? Not green from emphysema, but green as in environmentally responsible. A little about Natural American Spirit Organic Cigarettes: We grow our premium natural tobacco in a responsible, sustainable way through our earth-friendly and organic growing programs. We also strive to reduce our footprint on the earth by using recycled materials […]

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