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I’m lovin’ it? McDonald’s buys love; fesses up

With some fanfare, on December 23rd McDonald’s launched a new concept store in Japan called Quarter Pounder, a restaurant selling—you guessed it—only Quarter Pounders. Here’s an amateur video of the opening taken by a customer that was there: 15,000 people attended the store’s record-setting opening, but not all of them were there for the artery-clogging […]

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Comparitive advertising: Love it or hate it?

You’ve probably noticed there’s a lot more comparative advertising being done lately. Miller Lite v. Bud Light, Whopper v. Big Mac, Campbells v. Progresso and Dunkin’ Donuts (or McDonalds) v. Starbucks all immediately come to mind. Of course, the poster child for comparative advertising is Mac v. PC: View Mac v. PC on YouTube Is […]

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Responsible or not? Burger King’s Whopper Virgins

The idea is simple, really. Since everyone in America has heard of or tried a Whopper and the Big Mac, conduct taste tests in locations that have never even heard of Burger King or McDonald’s signature products. And that’s what Burger King did—took their taste tests to remote locations in Romania, Greenland and Thailand. Here’s […]

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McDonald’s zags with new concept store

At a time when most companies are looking for ways to extend their brand to gain a greater share of the customer’s wallet, McDonalds has “secretly” introduced Quarter Pounder, a new concept store in Japan that sells only Quarter Pounders. That’s right, you can get a Quarter Pounder, or a Double Quarter Pounder, fries and […]

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Amid tough times, advertising looks back

It is a sociological fact that when times are tough, people turn to the past—to what they know—for comfort. With protracted wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, a subprime mortgage crisis, the highest gas prices in history, and a looming recession—there’s no question times are tough. So, it should come as no surprise that recent advertising […]

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The New Coffee Wars: Who will prevail?

I drink a grande decaf over ice with heavy cream every morning. Although I eliminated caffeine about three years ago, it’s still part of my morning ritual. I still feel off if I don’t get my fix. Considering over 52% of Americans over age 18 drink coffee everyday, is it any wonder McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts […]

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