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Hometown Hookups Season: Looks that Seal the Deal

David Oligvy once said You can’t bore people into buying your product. I’m wondering if he would have approved of this email from Generation Y clothier JackThreads. Like many apparel retailers they send a daily email with limited time offers. Mostly these go unnoticed, but not this particular piece.             […]

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Responsible Marketing in a Zombie Apocalypse

In business, it’s survival of the fittest, and our Seven Keys to Responsible Marketing can help you survive just about anything the world throws at you. Even a zombie apocalypse. That’s right, a zombie apocalypse. The characters of AMC’s The Walking Dead would have fared better if they just appreciated our Seven Keys. Here’s how: […]

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Hey Abercrombie, take your apology and suck it.

Oh, Abercrombie. You continue to steal the headlines with your chiseled shirtless teenagers gracing the cover of your shopping bags, scandalous advertisements, and beautiful hand-selected employees. And thanks to Business Insider for bringing CEO Mike Jefferies’ 2006 comments back to life, Abercrombie is once again in our headlines. In case you missed it, in 2006 Jeffries made […]

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Dove Real Beauty Sketches: Responsible Marketing, I think.

If you haven’t already seen this “Dove Real Beauty Sketches” clip that everyone is posting on Facebook, take a gander: Dove once again pulls through in this touching video about how women view themselves in such poor light compared to how others see them. It is sad how women are especially critical of every mole, […]

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SPAM is SPAM if you say it is

SPAM is SPAM if you say it is

Are you a spammer? I don’t care what the technical definition is – if you make it hard for people to unsubscribe from your mailings, you might be viewed as one. Don’t require multiple clicks to unsubscribe. Don’t force someone to enter their email address into your system to unsubscribe. Be responsible and use an […]

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B2C or B2B, spam is spam

View on YouTube A surprising perspective regarding B2B email marketing was published recently in the Harvard Business Review blog that got one of our client’s hackles up, and I think it will yours too. In B2B’s: Your Email Marketing Policy Could Hurt You, the author essentially argues that spam is okay as long as you […]

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Should excessively noisy ads be banned?

One of the Seven Keys to Responsible Marketing is being message responsible. That means marketers should respect all their audiences by seeking permission, telling the truth, honoring privacy and avoiding clutter. Yelling at consumers isn’t very respectful, and the U.S. House of Representatives has recently approved a bill which aims to limit the volume of […]

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Does marketing need a heart?

There are seven keys to Responsible Marketing. Most would agree the first four keys are necessary just to do marketing right: Strategically responsible – to save time, money and improve focus Execution responsible – with best practices instead of best efforts Casting responsible – so your have the right people in the right roles, internally […]

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The American male is an idiot

That’s what some major advertisers want you to think, according to a recent article in Ad Age. In Advertisers: Men are Not Idiots, Glenn Sacks and Richard Smaglick argure that advertisers often default to men as “irresponsible fathers and lazy, foolish husbands,” and that’s a bad decision. They cite a number of sources including a […]

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