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Does sex sell cause-related marketing?

Do you remember this ad? It’s part of PETA’s anti-fur campaign. Though the use of nude celebrities may arouse cynicism, the use of provocative imagery and ardent copy make for a bold message. Ad copy: “Animals killed for their fur are electrocuted, drowned, beaten and often skinned alive. Be comfortable in your own skin, and […]

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El Pollo Loco adds heat to KFC challenge

One way or the other, you probably heard about KFC last week. If you didn’t see one of their ads for their new Kentucky Grilled Chicken (the largest ad blitz in KFC history) you probably heard about the Oprah catastrophy. KFC was caught off guard when a promotion for a free two-piece meal featuring its […]

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Seven entertaining Thanksgiving ads

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I happened upon some entertaining Thanksgiving advertising this week. Here are a few of my faves: View “Turkey and butter, 1956” on YouTube View “Talking with your mouth full” on YouTube View “Woman vs. turkey” on YouTube View “XBox Thanksgiving” on YouTube So, do you have a favorite? Comment below to share. […]

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Is PETA’s use of nudity going too far?

Whether you support their cause or not, it’s impossible to ignore PETA. Their undercover investigations and campaigns are orchestrated across all media—advertising, PR, events, and social media are all a part of the mix—and most are integrated quite well. The way they get attention is always controversial, and they’ve taken on some of the titans […]

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Responsible or not? Ringling Brothers Circus

I was surprised how excited I was to take my kids to “The Greatest Show on Earth,” on Saturday. The last time I’d been to The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus was at least 30 years ago, and I knew my four and five year old kids would be captivated by the show. […]

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Big ideas, tiny budgets

Breakthrough creative agitates. It makes people uneasy, or angry. It might make you laugh or cry. And it always makes people feel—or think. Or both. But breakthrough creative doesn’t happen often enough. The excuse I’ve heard most often is “We don’t have the budget.” Well, some of the best marketing you’ll find doesn’t necessarily come […]

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Responsible or not? PETA’s campaign against KFC

It really doesn’t matter how you feel about PETA, you have to admire their marketing chutzpah. Here’s a summary of their campaign: Clearly, this was meant to agitate and it worked for me – I hopped right over to the Kentucky Fried Cruelty website to see what they had to say. The site leverages KFC’s […]

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