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How are you marketing in this economy?

“Outsource Marketing is just like alcohol,” a client once told me. “Why is that?” I responded, intrigued. “When times are good, people want it. But when times are bad, people need it,” he said. “Marketing outsourcing seems like a recession-proof model—it’s the way to get marketing done in a tough economy.” I never really thought […]

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McDonald’s zags with new concept store

At a time when most companies are looking for ways to extend their brand to gain a greater share of the customer’s wallet, McDonalds has “secretly” introduced Quarter Pounder, a new concept store in Japan that sells only Quarter Pounders. That’s right, you can get a Quarter Pounder, or a Double Quarter Pounder, fries and […]

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Bite-sized Friday: Chickens to China

Bennett Gordon from the always good Utne Reader shared the following interview with Lucas Conley, author of Obsessive Branding Disorder. Includes audio, video and a link to an excerpt from the book. Looking for social media case studies? Here are 27 of ’em from Now is Gone, by Geoff Livingston. In Indecent exposures: Companies don’t […]

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Bite-sized Friday: Responsible Marketing Lite

For a change of pace, I thought I’d share a few bite-sized Responsible Marketing-related things I’ve come across this week. Causes Reports On Its First Year – $2.5 Million For 20,000 Charities And NonProfits. An interesting Facebook application that makes it easy for individuals to donate to non-profits. From TechCrunch. List of songs deemed inappropriate […]

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“You’re not good enough.” Now, sign here.

Sad, but true. So much of marketing is about creating fear, uncertainty and doubt (or F.U.D.). Why? Because it often works. Do we have to make our customers feel like they aren’t good enough? It seem like an impossible task, doesn’t it? Our role as marketers is to find needs and fill ’em. To do […]

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How the Easter Bunny does it

Happy Easter, everyone.

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Must buy Spleen-o-Bits!

IMHO, Doug Savage’s Savage Chickens is the best thing since The Far Side and Bloom County. I love it when he skewers marketing. It hurts so good. Subscribe to his blog so you won’t miss a post.

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