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Who begins too much accomplishes little.

I love this German proverb. This is the board next to my workspace, and I carry a copy of it in my wallet, too. I’m not sure why, but it’s seems to always be true: Marketing departments aren’t doing enough or they are trying to do WAY too much. The former is easy to tackle […]

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Three fun videos that prove less is more

Here are three entertaining videos that illustrate why, when it comes to communications—whether it’s copy, design, color or imagery—simplicity rules: The Process shows what happens when corporate marketers tackle a simple problem: With apologies to our smart friends at Microsoft who know better, here’s a video called “Microsoft designs the iPod package”: “Make my Logo […]

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An old way to simplify a complex idea

Getting a prospect’s attention is tough enough, but let’s say you are able to break through. Now that you have their attention, can you keep it? Think your prospect will read four pages of copy to learn how you are different? Think again. We live in a sound-bite culture where scanning—not reading—is the norm. Sure, […]

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Keep it simple, smarty.

Last week, I spoke at the Northwest Career Colleges Federation Annual Convention about Responsible Marketing. It was the third time I’d spoken to the group, and quite frankly I was surprised I was invited back. You see, I’ve prattled on about how poor advertising is in the education category. So often, education marketing falls into […]

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Copywriting advice from “The Godfather of Gore”

#2 on my list of 10 ideas to simplify your marketing is “Don’t use big words when small words will do.” In the three minute video below, direct marketing copywriting guru Herschell Gordon Lewis attacks an undecipherable email, then shares how Mary Had a Little Lamb would have turned out had the email author written […]

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10 ideas to simplify your marketing

1. Communicate fewer ideas. Google’s initial success was due to the fact that they eliminated nearly everything from the search page. Remember what search engines looked like before Google? So often, less is more. Two ideas are better than three. But one idea is best. 2. Don’t use big words when small words will do. […]

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A long walk for a short, dirty drink

If your tap went dry at home, what would you do? If you were forced to walk to the nearest source of water—a river, a stream, a pond—on foot, how far would you have to travel? And how would it make you feel—deep down—if you had to give your children dirty water to drink after […]

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I bet you’ll fail this test

Before you read ahead, play the video below and take the test. You won’t need paper or pencil, just your full concentration. It will take you one minute. This awareness test is powerful in so many ways. It’s short and simple: One video. One minute long. 30 words. No fancy graphics. Just a single powerful […]

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