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Holy Shift: Creepy George will “Fix your transmission”

Oh, this ad for Arlen Transmission is so bad in so many ways – but like a car accident, I can’t take my eyes off it. It’s got the tackiness and female objectification of the Beacon Plumbing’s ‘fix my pipes’ lady: . . . with a little touch of the classic Vern Fonk “Shipoopi” – […]

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Dollar Shave Club viral video

Do we hate Dollar Shave Club’s viral video?

This being the Responsible Marketing Blog, you might think a video with an F-Bomb in it might attract our ire, right? Wrong. Watch this: There are plenty of things we don’t like: Racism. Bigotry. Violence. Corporate greed run amok. Comic sans. But boring marketing is irresponsible, and boring Dollar Shave Club is not. This is f**king brilliant. […]

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Responsible or not? CIT’s college recruiting video

College advertising is usually so, well, meh. Not so with this ad entitled “It’s a Snap” from filmmakers Henry & Aaron, done with full creative license for their alma mater, Western Australia’s Central Institute of Technology. The video has gone viral, leaving some to say it has changed the face of college recruitment advertising. So, […]

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If you can’t beat ’em, sponsor ’em

With nearly 109,650,000 views-to-date, Judson Laipply‘s Evolution of Dance is the most popular video in YouTube history. He’s back with the official sequel, Evolution of Dance 2—this time presented by Saveology.com and powered by PeopleJam.com. I’d never heard of PeopleJam or Saveology before today. My bet is you never have, either. Considering most viral videos […]

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Vote for the dumbest viral marketing campaign

A few weeks ago, I chatted with Dan Tynan regarding an article he was writing for PC World about the dumbest viral marketing campaigns of all time. I shared a few of my faves and it appears most landed on his list, with the Jawbone viral campaign landing at #3. Check out Lame and lamer: […]

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Love it or hate it: Jawbone viral video campaign

Surely you are familiar with Jawbone, the makers of the excellent noise-canceling Bluetooth headsets for mobile phones. The product really is amazing. I love mine. But I don’t love their attempt at creating buzz. I’d rate the first video PG-13. Two women are sitting in a pub having a casual conversation when a rugby team […]

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Where the hell is the marketing?

A movie filmed in 14 months, across 42 countries with a cast of thousands. No, it’s not the second coming of Cecil B. DeMille. It’s one of the best examples of a viral video you’ll see: in 17 days, this video have been viewed nearly 4.6 million times. As crazy as it may sound, “Where […]

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How to launch a BMW over the Atlantic

First, you build a huge ramp…taller than the Space Needle. And that’s really what “The Ramp,” a 35 minute documentary by Jeff Schultz (pictured above), is about. It’s an intriguing story about Oberpfaffelbachen, a small town in Germany that has fallen on hard times and determined they needed a common mission. And the mission they […]

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I’ve got some Cheetos. Let’s go vandalize something!

Are you ready to join the Orange Underground? You know, a place where you can cause a little mischief (RAoC – Random Acts of Cheetos) then upload your videos to YouTube and become rich (in Cheetos) and famous (on Comedy Central)? Here are a few of the professionally produced ads from the Orange Underground campaign: […]

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Viral video: A little mystery goes a long way

In the last week, the above video has been viewed 444,117 times on YouTube. Question is, what is it? I did some sleuthing for you. If you go to the video’s YouTube page, you would find a link that takes you to a splash page: Click on the splash page and you’ll find another page […]

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I bet you’ll fail this test

Before you read ahead, play the video below and take the test. You won’t need paper or pencil, just your full concentration. It will take you one minute. This awareness test is powerful in so many ways. It’s short and simple: One video. One minute long. 30 words. No fancy graphics. Just a single powerful […]

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D2 Man swoops in to save Top-Flite’s sagging brand

Think your company is too conservative to be creative? Think again. Top-Flite’s fading brand desperately needs help. On March 5th, D2 Man arrived to help the company become relevant again amid a sea of strong new competitors. In nine days, the following viral has generated nearly a million views on YouTube and a fair amount […]

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