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Love it or hate it? Heineken’s “Share the Good”

With the title “Share the Good,” Heineken’s new campaign sounds promising. But it’s not about Katrina relief, reducing the company’s carbon footprint or feeding hungry children. Nope. It’s all about the beer, and sharing your Heineken with a stranger. While the ad is visually interesting and the art direction is quite good, something isn’t quite […]

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Marketing lessons from Dixie’s BBQ

One of my favorite quotes of late is “Advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable,” credited to Robert Stephens, founder of Geek Squad at the Ad Age Idea Conference. I doubt Gene Porter from Dixie’s BBQ in Bellevue, WA has an advertising budget, nor does he need one. A few Outsource Marketing team […]

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I bet you’ll fail this test

Before you read ahead, play the video below and take the test. You won’t need paper or pencil, just your full concentration. It will take you one minute. This awareness test is powerful in so many ways. It’s short and simple: One video. One minute long. 30 words. No fancy graphics. Just a single powerful […]

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Liberty Filmore, Cart Whisperer

Liberty Filmore can’t understand it: You know, I don’t know what it is in a person…make ’em just…up and abandon a perfectly good shopping cart. You see, Filmore is a cart whisperer. He cares. And because he cares, he spends his time searching for abandoned carts and then helping find their way back home. With […]

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Responsible or not? Blow Energy Drink Mix

Energy drink marketing is kinda like soda pop marketing — on steroids. And taurine. And caffeine. All at once. Energy drinks are mostly geared toward thrill-seeking youth looking for a coffee alternative…a legal high. The packaging is aggressive–even dangerous–with monsters, aliens, skateboards, crocodiles, rattlesnakes and other creatures meant to make the customer feel just a […]

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Business cards: Little billboards for everyone

I like to think of business cards as mini-billboards: you only have a second or two to make an impression. I believe strongly that: Most companies need to be significantly more creative with their business cards (and spend more on design and printing). Irresponsible? Think again. What’s the most powerful form of marketing? You got […]

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Entertaining, but effective?

Ready for a little break from the barrage of holiday advertising? I am, and I like advertising. I was hoping I’d find a few holiday-themed ads to share, but then I realized, the most entertaining and memorable ad I’ve seen this season wasn’t a holiday ad at all. It was a Jack-in-the-Box ad, and I […]

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